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Leanne Burong

Hello, my name is Leanne Burong

I met ChristinA in 1993 when I moved to Dongara, in Western Australia, and in reflection; I have always felt that I have walked beside her as she forged her own path of spiritual awakening. My introduction to the energy of LUXOR Light, ChristinA carried forth through her meditations after 2004, was the beginning of my transformation. A major shift occurred for me in 2011 when I began to study with ChristinA in the ascension program. I found my souls mission and path with LUXOR Light. I continued on to become a healing practitioner, meditation facilitator and teacher. I am home in the energy.

I am Mum to four beautiful, amazing and uniquely expressive children. My background is in counselling (Ba SW) education and allied health. Through the treasured experiences of raising my four children and working with children, I have become known as the Earth Mother. It is this energy of the Earth Mother that I carry forth with me in all my healings and meditations. Holding space and cradling you safe, nurtured and supported with Divine unconditional love, compassion, free of judgement and total acceptance for where you are on your journey. I have the gift of seeing your soul’s beautiful, loving essence in its purity.

Through my deep connection to our beloved Mother Earth and Spirit….my spiritual business was born Inanja Dreaming. Inanja is my soul name and Dreaming is the inner journey of surrender. Where you travel the energetic footprints and threads of your soul’s journey, in this life time and previous lifetimes. Weaving the medicine of higher self-awakening to heal through Divine connection as you move this dreaming into reality. This is an act of creation.

I offer hands on and distant healings, meditations and workshops. Let me walk with you on your healing journey, holding you in a space of Divine love. During a healing I am a channel and it is your higher self who leads the way. Your ancestors, spirit guides and team of Light are always present. I see the energy flowing through your chakras and subtle bodies like a story unfolding… visions, symbols, sensations and spirit messages….bringing into awareness blocks, fears, stuck and repetitive energy, clearing old belief systems and energy templates held in your Akashic record of past lifetimes and timelines, ancestral and genetic coding. Shifting the energy….unlocking, receiving keys and codes…..opening you to cosmic energy. You are empowered to move forward. Each healing session is unique as the energy received will always be in line with your highest good and growth for now.

The high frequency of LUXOR Light catapults your own spiritual growth. Awakening and opening as you become the oracle of expression for the Divine Light of Source. This expansion is a step forward on your journey.

With love, light and blessings Leanne

Stay tuned for Leanne's services, coming soon.

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