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Light of the World Mantra

Beloved Mother God

Maramah eeshta Eelah, Beloved Mother God, Light of the World; this mantra opens the heart and evokes the essence of forgiveness. Use this mantra when you need the Beloved Mother to bring some Light to your world. When you are feeling sad or forgotten, unappreciated, broken or unloved. Let the pure Light of the Beloved Mother flow into your heart and help you keep your heart open so you can attract beautiful loving experiences back into your life.

How to use the Mantra

Close your eyes, drop your thoughts down and into your heart and begin to chant out loud. Allow your words to come from the heart and let the vibration permeate every cell of your body. Let your heart open, weep if you need to weep, let the Light in to heal the sadness, the grief, the loss. Let the gentle energies of the Beloved Mother reach you, comfort you and heal you.

See you tomorrow for another powerful mantra...

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