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Call to the Light of God Mantra

Using your Mantra

Close your eyes and go into the silence then chant the mantra in your mind or out loud.

Surrender and allow the mantra to light the fire of purification to raise your frequency. Observe how it moves through your body finding the areas that need the most healing. Take note that as the energy rises you may feel pain in areas of the body, stay focused until the blockage clears.

The mantra is a call to the Light of God, to your Higher Self and to your Mighty I Am Presence. It works like a call to embody this Great Light of purification, cleansing body, mind and soul, to uplift your to a higher frequency in readiness to bring that light down and anchor it on Earth, claiming your part in anchoring Heaven on Earth.

The more you use this call, the more the Great Divine Light of god hears and answers your call, feeding you with more light, more love so you can share that love and light with Humanity.

How to Pronounce Nuwr Ramaha

Please comment below on your experience with Nuwr Ramaha and I'll see you tomorrow for your next daily Angel Mantra!

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