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Bathe in the Grace of God

Khiantaw Khiantaw Khiantaw

This mantra is pronounced Kianto. When I brought through this mantra I wept as I was bathed in the Grace of God. This is often the case when the Divine give me the mantras or messages of Spirit. This particular mantra came with a message in the language of light.

The message is as follows:

"Take off Thine cover, show Thine face to the world, bathe thy bodies in light and stand not with feet of iron. Come cleansed and walk free among men. Thine has the power and the glory Ameen".

As with all the mantras there is a purification that comes with the power of the word that purifies the five subtle bodies, or the five layers of the auric self and this in turn purifies the cells in the physical body, you can feel the purification take place.

  1. Etheric body - health body

  2. Emotional body - feelings and emotions

  3. Lower mental body - mind and thought processes

  4. Higher mental body - intuition and wisdom

  5. Spiritual Body - Higher Self or Bliss body

Using the Mantra

Close your eyes, focus on the breath, drop your mind into your heart and chant the mantra out loud in such a way that you can feel it comes from your heart. Let your heart open and allow yourself to be bathed in the Grace of God.

The mantras are gifts of the ascension. If you would like to take part in the ascension program that gifted these mantras, please check out the LUXOR Light Ascension Program

Please leave a comment and share your experience with the mantra.

See you tomorrow for your next mantra!

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