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Activating Peace and Serenity

The Vision for the Light Codes

Today the vision given to me was of a group of people wearing magic mushroom hats, standing on the banks of a river lined with bull-rushes. The people were all wearing blue swim suits and they slowly submerged themselves into the water.

Understand the Message

The thing that stood out to me were the magic mushroom hats. We know from previous weeks that the magic mushroom is about finding self. The people were all walking into the water or the river. This suggests a conscious decision to enter into the emotions. The river is the river of life and the emotions is the most enlightening way to learn about ourselves. The river was calm and the symbolism of the bulrushes standing tall and still may suggest that bulls rush in, so stand back and observe. Observe yourself while observing others. The bulrush or the reed often symbolises material or physical truth and knowledge. This is the first level of truth and knowledge. The truth that we exist, the truth that we have feelings/emotions and the truth that are all seeking higher knowledge and wisdom in the river of life and we are all seeking to find the Self even if we don't know it. This vision suggests that we as a group or collective, are now consciously choosing to go deeper into observing our emotions so we can understand the Self and gain greater awareness. You may have been at this level for many years or even surpassed this level of consciousness, but humanity as a whole are only just entering this enlightening phase of spiritual learning. This is a collective message and the light codes are for the collective. Those who have already surpassed this level or have awareness and understanding now enter the depths of emotions for the collective. They come together and enter consciously for the greater good, as an act of service to humanity.

The vision is serene, almost like the movie Cocoon. In the movie Cocoon they found that when they entered the pool of water they didn't get sick nor age. In a sense this is what we are all receiving when we embark upon the ascension journey. We are entering the journey of eternal life and as we raise in consciousness so too does every cell of our body and we go beyond the need for dis-ease. As we raise our levels of consciousness and we think in a higher way, we no longer create the emotions through our thought patterns that create disease. We begin to vibrate to a higher frequency, a frequency where disease which is a low frequency cannot survive.

The people were all wearing blue swimwear. Blue always relates to the spiritual side of life and symbolises knowledge, intellect, peace, and calm.

No matter what challenges we are facing now, we see them from a new and higher perspective. We can stand back and observe ourselves and calmly enter the deeper parts of ourselves for greater awareness.

Light Codes of Peace and Serenity

We are being offered the Light codes of Peace and Serenity. This doesn't mean we are not faced with challenges or emotional opportunities to look at ourselves, but means we do it in a manner where we can be the observer of self rather than the rattled experiencer.

The Light Codes activation will be available later on

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