• Christina Ritchie

Activating Peace and Serenity

The Vision for the Light Codes

Today the vision given to me was of a group of people wearing magic mushroom hats, standing on the banks of a river lined with bull-rushes. The people were all wearing blue swim suits and they slowly submerged themselves into the water.

Understand the Message

The thing that stood out to me were the magic mushroom hats. We know from previous weeks that the magic mushroom is about finding self. The people were all walking into the water or the river. This suggests a conscious decision to enter into the emotions. The river is the river of life and the emotions is the most enlightening way to learn about ourselves. The river was calm and the symbolism of the bulrushes standing tall and still may suggest that bulls rush in, so stand back and observe. Observe yourself while observing others. The bulrush or the reed often symbolises material or physical truth and knowledge. This is the first level of truth and knowledge. The truth that we exist, the truth that we have feelings/emotions and the truth that are all seeking higher knowledge and wis