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Number Rules the Universe


Numbers carry an energetic signature and when you align with them, they can bring you powerful messages. I have an affinity with numbers; I wouldn't call me a numerologist, but I do like the term "number-ology". For me "number-ology" suggests the power of number sequences and can be seen by everyone from all walks of life and can be a powerful trigger for awakening. When you set your intention to understand the numbers and the energetic signatures they hold, it opens up a whole new way of steering your life. You might notice certain numbers on car number plates, times on digital clocks, or timers, the date, advertising boards or any number of other places. When you begin to notice the numbers and number sequences, you can be sure your higher self or your higher guidance is trying to get you to notice something. I like to read the numerology of the date to understand the energy of the day. You can use this to help you to make a decision about something, or you can use it to give you confirmation, or to simply know what energies are working around you at any given time.

Pythagoras said "Number rules the Universe!"


In the upcoming posts, I am not going to be focusing on numerology, but rather on simple number sequences. I do find those numbers through calculating the sum of a particular date though; but my aim is to bring your awareness to the number and the energy behind it. In this way, when you notice a certain number, you will begin to understand what it is telling you.

When it comes to numerology, I add the date in a different way to most, just because it works for me, but ultimately the final number is always the same. For instance if you were to add the date 11 May 2022 which is today the standard system of numerology would be to add each number 1+1+5+2+0+2+2 = 13 which becomes a 4 and we write that as 13/4. But I do it differently, don't ask me why, it is just something I started when we hit 2010 and I felt compelled to do it like this 11+5+2+0+22=40/4 and because I am aligned that way, it works for me. You can do it whatever way you want, but for me the standard way does not bring forth the higher vibrations, because the number is always lower and it is general, which when you are doing birth dates, means everyone is clumped in the same category, but you become more unique when you work with double digits. I'm all for "not everyone is the same". For instance say your birthdate is 12.12.1966. The standard life lesson would be 1+2+1+2+1+9+6+6=28/10 but if you do 12+12+1+9+6+6=46/10 it's still 10, but it is a little more unique and a higher number which captures a more spiritual element. I'm not saying this is the right way, but it is the way I do it and then I also like to look at the standard way to get a more rounded view.

Anyway, today I am not here to teach a numerology class, I simply want to share an energy for the day. This doesn't have to be the date by the way. It could be that today or tomorrow you come across these numbers and what I write below is the energy you are being offered.

Colour and Numbers

I'm including the colours of the numbers also, so you can work with the number and the energy signature and colour vibrations. When you do this, you align more fully with the vibration of the day or the vibration of what the message is bringing you when you see the number. It could be saying "you need these colours around you right now". I will write more about colour in another post, but for now I want you to get into the experience rather than get bogged down with head stuff. Colour helps you to tap into your intuition and opens doorways to awakening to a more fully aligned you. Colour affects us psychologically and therapuetically, so working with colour brings you into a more colourful mood and works with therapeutically feeding your chakras.

Bring the colours into your environment by wearing them or burning colour candles, or doing some mandalas or artwork with the colours of the numbers numbers.

I hope you can see how working with these posts are going to open you to a very new way of receiving healing! You will also begin to learn a lot about yourself. How? Just follow along and you will see. We are about to begin a colourful healing journey!


I'm also going to give you an affirmation to go with each number sequence. These affirmations capture the meaning of the number and the meaning of the colour. By reciting these affirmations, you are healing yourself on a psychological level.

I'm not starting at number 1, I'm jumping right in and all will be revealed in due course!

40/4 or 404

Focusing the Heart Energy

Spiritual love for all mankind, this is what you are being urged to contemplate. Is your heart open and are you sharing that love with humanity? This Love is beyond human Love, this Love is Universal, this Love is Source Love, just open you heart spread your arms wide, lift your head up and receive and then focus your heart energy to the world, direct that heart energy to reach far and wide.

Colours of 40/4

Green and white are the colours of this big heart vibe.

Affirmation for 40/4

I am open to the Great Love of the Universe and as I receive I always remember to share that Love with others.

See you soon for your next colour sequence. Meanwhile if I can help you with anything please be in touch.

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