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The Temple of God's Will

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine
The Lovers by Holly Pawson

A month or so ago, I was given a new mantra, that mantra is NaRuAh. NaRuAh means "calling on the breath of God", or in affirming "God's Will be done". It came around the same time as I was facilitating a meditation from my LUXOR Light Ascension program with the Ascended Master El Moyra. Around the same time I received a message from a dear friend of many lifetimes who lives in India. My friend said a friend of theirs was travelling to Egypt and maybe we could hook up.

Some weeks or maybe a month or so even later, I received a message from my friend to say their friend had arrived in Egypt and was in the desert. A few days later I received a message from the friend and we arranged to meet up. The same afternoon I received another message from India from someone else asking me if I had read a particular book on palm reading. My journey began in the early 90's reading palms. She also asked me other questions about my Colour Therapy teacher Noelle Leven and who her "teacher" was. I couldn't remember. She then mentioned that she had been guided to go to the third largest mountain in the world. It drew my attention to Darjeeling where I have wanted to visit for many years because it is the location of the etheric Temple of Good Will and the Ascended Master El Moyra.

A Messenger of Light and of Love

I met with the friend of my friend and it was a lovely meeting, one of those meetings that flow as if you have known the person forever, a dear friend from a past many lives ago. She was also very powerfully connected to India. As I write that it opens my heart and tears well up in my eyes.

Later that night, on closing my eyes, I saw what I thought was a Hindu dancing deity. Following that I saw what at first I thought was a golden casket coming in from the side and then realised it was a "Murti" A Murti is an image, statue or idol of a deity or Holy person in Hindu culture. A Murti is itself not a god in Hinduism, but it is a shape, embodiment or manifestation of a deity. When you lay eyes upon the Murti, you are said to receive a blessing. This blessing is called a darshan. A darshan is a viewing of a deity or a Holy person and is said to bestow a blessing upon you. I drifted into a deep sleep.

On waking in the morning visions began to pass before my eyes again. (This is how I receive many messages). The image was clear and with perfect proportions in direct centre of my vision. It appeared to be a long golden pathway leading to a golden energetic temple that reminded me of the Taj Mahal. On seeing this, a giant unfolding lotus coming into full bloom appeared to the left corner of my vision. My body began to "activate" as it does when I take in new energies and some light language began to come through, some of it in song form.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in Union

That day, a memory popped up on my Facebook page. The image is Ardhanarishvara, who represents the union of masculine and feminine energies of the universe - Purusha and Prakriti. I realised it was not a dancer I saw but Ardhanarishvara, another sign and an integral part of the message that was trying to come through to me.

Around the time of Equinox, my Light Codes meditations had changed and I was bringing through Light Language only, that appeared to be teachings or a message for Humanity. This continued in both my meditation class and my Light Codes Classes. I began to realise that I had been bringing through messages from this energy and it was most likely instruction from our Beloved Ascended Master El Moyra.

The very next morning I received a message from my Psychic who I have been having readings with for many years to give me clarity on my journey or confirmation on my own insights. I had already felt I was birthing a new energy because I receive from Etheric power places, and every now and then I receive a new energy for a new purpose. It has been this way for me since 2004 when I received and birthed the frequency we call LUXOR Light. This comes from the Etheric Retreat of Luxor, in Egypt, and it became my life purpose and mission for humanity.

I had felt and looked pregnant for a few weeks to a month and it was becoming very uncomfortable. This was my body's way of trying to bring my awareness to the fact that I was "birthing". Only the day before I had the reading, the very same day I met with my new friend connected to India, I was unable to sit or stand for long. I had strong pain in my lower back that reminded me of being in "labour". I always had back pain during labour, so I felt I either had an "entity" or I was birthing.

My psychic confirmed that I was indeed bringing through new and very light energies that speak about a message of light and hope. It is a very ‘modern time’ message……that we have finished darkness and that we are now walking towards the sun/better times. Clean times. It is a time to clean up.

I knew then that the messages coming through in my classes were about this message to "stop dwelling into their old stuff, and start building". She mentioned that I would be sharing this message with my students (tribe) and the word ‘building’ came up very often. "Building beautiful things. Building believing in yourself. Building a clean future in which all this pain and dark thoughts are not necessary anymore".

Beloved Ascended Master El Morya

Back to our Beloved Ascended Master El Moyra. He was Moyra Khan the grandfather of the Shah Jahan who built the Taj Mahal and his Etheric Retreat called the Temple of Good Will or the Temple of God's Will in the etheric in Darjeeling. Now the pieces were coming together and I knew that this birthing or pregnancy had begun at the same time I was given the new mantra NaRuAh. The vison of the pink lotus unfolding into full bloom is a message of enlightenment for Humanity or at least for those who are ready. The evening before, I saw the vision of Ardhanarishvara, symbolising the balanced masculine and feminine in full union; the androgynous being or the Fifth dimensional being.

The Etheric Temple of Good Will and the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal was "built" by Shah Jahan, grandson of the earthly incarnation of Ascended Master El Moyra, Akbar the Great. The Taj Mahal has perfect balance and was built as a mausoleum for the Shah's wife as a dedication of his great love for her. Both the Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife are entombed here together. A symbolism of Divine love for all eternity; one temple, one Soul both masculine and feminine. But that is not all......

My feeling was that the Etheric Temple of Good Will was the same design as the Taj Mahal and indeed I found the drawing below according to Mark Prophet. It looks very much the same and I now know the vision I saw was indeed the Etheric Temple of Good Will over Darjeeling that has been calling me for many years.

All of this I feel reminded me, that around the same time that I received the mantra "NaRuAh" and the message from India, was the time my own twin flame had asked me to help him begin work with his "gifts". Just one week before these messages, he stepped into his work and has been working non stop clearing the old dark stuff for those who wish to have a clear path forward on their return to love with their ascension journey. He has stepped into his personal mission and we now work side by side although with different missions but still both healing, me taking people into the light to raise their consciousness and he clearing the baggage of darkness so they can fully embark upon that journey. There is now no need to carry the baggage and he begins clearing the old dark stuff because he has walked that journey. We must each walk the journey first before our missions can come into being. We are the masculine and feminine in union walking forward in service for Humanity.

Call in Your Tribe and Build

The final messages came to me today when a LUXOR Light practitioner was speaking with me on messenger and I was talking about my new direction change. She said she kept getting the sentence "find your tribe".

Next a Facebook friend posted some of her digital artwork.

~Call in your tribe and build~ (Lover hands by Holly Pawson)

Posted with permission from Holly.

This is the same message that was coming through all the way.

The artwork is amazing, thank you Holy Pawson for allowing me to share this beautiful image. The lovers hands. She is light he is dark, polar opposites just like me and my twin flame. The lotus in full bloom, the feathers of harmony, the bracelets of union, the scarab of the new earth, the crocodiles of facing your fears through your own mirror image, the wrists both wearing lotus' showing both having come through the tests of life and spiritually arriving. And, while most of the image is very Egyptian, it looks very Indian also. There is a lot of initiation symbolism in this artwork.

And so, I see that I have indeed began a new mission working with the energies of the Temple of Good Will and Ascended Master El Morya, to spread the message of Love, Faith and Hope as we build our New World, a world of Light and Love, of caring and sharing. A world free of baggage and encumbrances.

Sharing Light Language and Healing Transmissions

I will be sharing transmissions on my YouTube channel every Saturday to help us all enter this new World, a world where we all choose to walk in accordance with God's Will, a world where we all Return to Love. I hope you will join me. Please leave a comment on the bottom of this post if you would like to be a part of the Live transmissions.

Why do I share about my own journey?

Because I have walked the ascension and I have walked the twin flame journey and I don't live for any other reason than to help others move through initiation. I share the journey, so you can see how you get there. How your gifts arise and arrive. I don't believe the twin flame journey is about romance. I do believe it is about Love, but it is a higher Love, a love that transcends duality and brings us into harmony for the only purpose that is "mission", leading Humanity to Return to Love. I don't see any reason for twin flames to come together just for a romantic rendezvous in life. There is a bigger purpose and we must transcend the darkness within ourselves and between each other and heal the wounds surrender to God's Will and Return to Love, Divine Love, the ultimate love that is all encompassing Love of God, not man, not woman, Divine, purpose, mission and paths entwined as one.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below,

Unitil next time

May you be Infinitely Blessed


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