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Solar Eclipse Portal Union of Opposites

yin and yang as a solar eclipse
Union of Opposites

Solar Eclipse Portal

A powerful portal for receiving light codes. Not only is it the Solar Eclipse, but also the New Moon. Solar Eclipses happen at the time of the New Moon, so while the New Moon is always a gateway to new beginnings, when the Solar Eclipse happens at the same time, the energies are so much more powerful.

What is the Solar Eclipse

A Solar eclipse symbolises a time of darkness and spiritual renewal. It's when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth and blocks out some or all of the Sun's light from reaching the Earth. It happens during the New Moon phase when the New Moon aligns with the nodes of its orbit. The nodes are the points where the Moon's orbit crosses the Earth's orbital plane. This is known as the ecliptic and is necessary for the Moon to cast its shadow on the Earth.

The solar eclipse is a good time for introspection and letting go of old energies because it represents the moment of darkness followed by the renewed light. So let go of the old and be ready for the new. This is the perfect time for spiritual transformation. In astrology the eclipse symbolises the dark side of the ego and the potential for rebirth.

We were lucky that the solar eclipse took place on the same day as our regular light codes transmission. This gave us the perfect opportunity to capture the codes being passed through to us.

New Moon

New moon is the perfect time for planting seeds for the future and so we have the intensified theme of letting go and welcoming the new. It's a cosmic reset button bringing new awakenings as together they represent the powerful union of the sun and the moon. The sun is masculine in energy and the moon is feminine in energy, so this is the perfect time for inner union of your own inner feminine and inner masculine, while it is also the perfect time for reunion of the divine masculine and divine feminine and twin flames.

Union of Opposites

Symbolically the solar eclipse and the New Moon show us how the union of opposites takes place. From darkness comes light (solar eclipse) and from endings comes new beginnings (new moon). They teach us about the cycles of nature and the balance of life that exists with our universe.

Solar Eclipse Portal

This solar eclipse is a portal to higher consciousness because it teaches us that darkness is not the absence of light the space we need for growth where we can travel from the unknown and into the known and from the known and into the unknown, letting go of old patterns and embracing the new eneregies. The solar eclipse is a portal to a more enlightened state of being.

Union of Opposites Light Codes

During the Light code's transmission, we were shown how to read the energies of the Solar Eclipse.

I begin in the Alpha Chakra, which is the divine masculine chakra, you could say it is the Sun chakra. It is the bringer of Light. As the light codes were coming through, I had a vision of a tower that looked like the Eifel Tower. I had the sense that we were to climb higher suggesting go rise in consciousness. There was something at the top of the tower, to which I had the knowing it was a gift. So, I knew we were being told to go higher and at the top we will receive our spiritual gifts.

The Eifel tower is a symbol of love, so we were being asked to "Return to Love", the Greatest Gift of all.

The next vision was in the Omega Chakra, which is the divine feminine chakra, you could say she is the "moon" chakra. She is soft, receptive and intuitive.

I had a vision of the Divine Mother (divine feminine) sitting and writing. She was bringing the Subconscious into the conscious. This message is to write, let go and just write. Tap into your intuitive mind. She is bringing down the gifts that reside in the Sun Chakra.

The next vision was as the Sun Chakra (Alpha) and the Moon chakra (Omega) were unified at the Heart Chakra. As they merged, I saw a little tabby kitten. At first, I nearly ignored the vision because 2 days ago, I saved a kitten in the street. But then I remembered that I experience prior to bringing light codes through. My kitten is white with black and in fact she has a black spot like the dark moon near her tail end... the base chakra. The kitten in my vision was a grey tabby and possibly a little younger, like two weeks old.

While in here, we received the "Creation" Codes. The Creation Codes come through as a unique sound and symbolise the three energies of Creation. Hu Hee and Ah from the earliest times of Creation. Followed by this were the Sound "Keys" that activate the Creation Codes.

We began to expand the unified energies and the Creation codes continued and I had a vision of a grey tabby kitten climbing out of a box. Now for a very long time, I have always attributed the symbolism of kittens to that of an incoming "gift". This was in the Sacral and the Brow chakra. The Sacral chakra is the creative chakra and the chakra of relationships, while the brow chakra is also to do with relationships of a higher order and the place of union of the masculine and the feminine. We could see the Sacral - Earthly relationships and the Brow - Inner Masculine and Feminine relationship coming into union opens our "gifts".

The energies continued to expand all the way through the chakras bringing the Creation codes through the full inner union of the chakras.

The Light Language mantras continued out through the energy field and in the emotional body I saw a white and black dog, sitting loyally waiting. He symbolised the union within the emotional body, the balance and harmony and the true unconditional love.

We continued on out through the layers of the aura and in the Spiritual body I saw somebody holding a tiny little tabby kitten in their hands. The message being that you already hold your gifts, you only have to awaken to them.

The Activation

The message and purpose of the Light Codes Transmission through the Solar Eclipse Portal is that we already hold our gifts. We don't have to seek them out. They are already working their way down into the physical, we only have to nurture the pathway to them and awaken them. Be true and loyal to yourself, stay balanced and love yourself unconditionally and this is the key to anchoring your gifts into the physical.

The Union of the Solar Eclipse Portal and the New Moon bring us the Light Codes and the Light Codes only need to be sound activated to help them awaken and come fully into the physical. They are here, use them like a meditation at any time. Use them every 3 days over 9 days. Use them on day 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.

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Naeleen Jennings
Naeleen Jennings
Apr 08
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Thank you ChristinA perfect timing 🙏🏻💙

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