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Surrender to the Journey

Surrender to the Divine

Last week I celebrated my birthday, but it was not just my birthday, but also the birthday of the day the birthing of my purpose and the anchoring of the frequencies that we call LUXOR Light began. That was 18 years ago now. 18 years! I find it so hard to believe and yet I have also lived so many lifetimes in that time.

18 years ago on 3 March 2004 an amazing journey began. I surrendered to the divine. I had been moving through a dark night of the soul and I was a little bit stuck in limbo. Nothing was moving forward for me until I surrendered and said ok to the divine and then I began again, on my birthday to teach a new year of the colour therapy diploma that I had developed and been teaching for the previous 4 years. I knew it was time to move on, time to find new ground, I could feel an ending in place, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. I wanted change and so I thought I had to stop doing all the things I was doing and make a complete change, but the thing was, I didn't have anything else to move into, so I surrendered and agreed to do one more year teaching colour therapy. As it turns out, I needed that transition period of letting go and surrendering in order to allow the new to come to me.

And the new came in a powerful blast!

And so the story goes

I slipped into the deep sleep where there is no ego, where there is only the all encompassing energy of the divine. I surrendered on that destined day 3.3.2004 eighteen years ago. It was my soul year, a year that turned out brought forth my soul purpose and an incredible journey unfolded.

I've told the story many times, but last week after 12 years of writing, blocking, writing, blocking, I finally published my story, or rather the second book in my story; the main book about how it all came about, how I awakened, what took place, what it all means, how it connects with your journey or at least how it can help you to see how your journey is all part of the great plan and how to recognise your "something" special and bring it forth into the world. You can read it now, because it's now available on Amazon

As it turns out it was published just in time for my birthday and during the new moon phase, suggesting a new birthing into the new. It happened like clockwork. I had been hesitating and holding off and blocking myself for so many years and then all of a sudden the divine gave me a simple and easy bump and it was done.

Everything happens in divine timing when you surrender to the journey. There is no longer any need to beat myself up for not publishing. After all these years, I realise there was a reason it took so long and a reason I kept holding off; it had to be published in 2022. 22 is my life lesson and the sacred mathematics within the geometries of the energies within LUXOR Light.

I surrendered and my life purpose took a leap forward into my next phase and this is exactly what the Light Codes transmission was all about today. We must surrender to the next phase of our journey. If you have been doing the work, or are ready to do the work and are totally committed to your spiritual journey, surrender to take you to the next level. When you surrender, it is not about letting go and forgetting something or someone, it is simply about recognising that we are not in control. The more we try to control a situation, the more we hold ourselves back.

Twin Flame Surrender

I want to jump forward here, because this is really important, especially for those on the twin flame ascension journey. You see the ascension journey is the ascension journey, whether you are a twin flame or not, so there are certain things you need to understand in order to reach your full potential. If you do not surrender, you cannot go to the next level because you are trying to hold tight to the reigns, you are trying to control the outcome and you have forgotten that this is a journey and not a destination. There is no ownership, there is no have to this or have to that, there is only surrender.

When you are focused on trying to magnetise your twin flame to you, then you are still not surrendering, you are trying to control. I know, I've been there done that and achieved bringing my twin flame into purpose and into union and so on, but then I realised, it was no longer serving me, nor was it serving him. He was holding high frequencies because he was in my energetic embrace and he was not able to move forward into his own life lessons and I was not able to move forward into my next phase of my journey. He still has karmic cycles to move through before he can be on the journey with me and I must continue with my ascension purpose helping others, not stuck trying to save my twin flame. There is a divine time-frame for that.

The Gift of Patience

We are all in this phase now. We are all in the phase of surrender. When you surrender doors open, gifts awaken and purpose unfolds in front of you like a blossoming lotus. Patience is the key. Patience is a gift in itself. When you open to your gifts of the awakening and allow those frequencies to move through you, you will awaken to the gift of patience, you will surrender with ease and your "beingness" will begin to shine.

Today through the Light Codes transmission of the Angelic Presence the message for our direction was very much about focusing on building our spiritual bodies to shine, for our missions, our purpose and not for any other reason. It is a phase of resting in the pure love of the divine. The journey has been long, hard and testing, it's time to surrender and rest awhile.

Masculine and feminine are already in union within, in those who have been doing the work. They are ready for the next phase, the phase of creation. This is an inner journey, not something you need someone else to help you do. This is something you must do, something you must awaken to.

In order to allow these missions and purposes to unfold, you need to take time out in the rest phase. While resting you are able to surrender. This is not a doing phase, this is a surrender phase. The new energies need to integrate; let them. If that means moving away from someone for now, then that is what you must do. This is about respect for everyone's journey and not about pining over twin flames and having to be in physical union. If you are in separation from your twin flame, you need to be in separation from your twin flame. Either one or both of you need that space to heal and or expand into more of you. Understand the journey!

Anchoring your purpose

We are moving into a Golden era and our awareness should be on the preparation of the self, the union of the self and the service of building on our light frequencies and anchoring them back into the physical.

Be open and receptive, because if you have been doing the work, you have attained enough balance and harmony in order to move into the higher realities. Watch your thoughts because you are creating very powerfully now and you need that to be in alignment with your divine purpose. We are now working on attaining mastery of the mind rather than carrying all the emotional baggage; we are moving on from that.

In one of the cards today someone was walking along the beach, not in the water itself, suggesting they have overcome the emotions and now working the element of earth, which is the next stage as you focus on being more in touch with the anchoring of the spiritual energies in readiness for the next phase of the journey. This stage is ok to walk alone, this aloneness is not separation, but a time of integration where distraction has no place. We are now integrating our gifts into the earths grid. Give yourself time to do that and move away from anything or anyone that will get in the way of you having your rest phase that you require for integration. The growth has taken place, but to take you to the next level you need that integration and rest phase.

If you have done the work, then it's not just union that has taken place, but creation has also taken place and that needs to be anchored and integrated. You are now bringing through your truth and all that is a creation of that. Remember that you can't lose what is meant to be for your Soul's path, but you can hold it off, or delay it.

If you surrender to the journey and trust in the process you will see reward after reward. Of course that too is a journey to get there, but keep trying, you can do it.


"I surrender to Divine and welcome all that is for the Highest good of my Soul's pathway".

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