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The Great Pyramid Codes

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Light Codes Activation for the Great Pyramid
Pyramid Codes

The Great Pyramid Codes

I'm in Giza, staying at a family owned hostel about two minutes walk to the entrance of the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Since August I've been busy bringing forth the Codes of Egyptian Temples with a wonderful group that are receiving first hand the latest ascension codes that are being given to us as I travel through the temples and now on my way out of Egypt for a while. I'm finishing up with the Pyramids and the Sphinx.

Yesterday I was on the plateau with my old friend Amro who has helped me and my groups for many years. It was a two fold purpose for Amro to come with me. Firstly it was to say hello and goodbye at the same time, not really knowing how long I'm going for and secondly to take the pressure off me while I'm at the pyramids. You see, Amro, knows how I like to work, so he just leads and I follow and I don't have to think, that means I can be totally in my own energy space and in allowance for what is to come, to come. It's a "no brainer" lol, sorry for the punn. Everything is aligned. I don't plan, he doesn't plan, we just go with the flow. I have the group with me via messenger and they share the journey with me as I go. It's an amazing experience for all of us.

The pyramids mean different things to different people, so the Light Codes mean you receive from the highest light for what is specific to you. They speak to you at a Soul level and you bypass the ego needs and receive in accordance with your Highest Good. That's why I love them so much.

Opening to Higher Mind

Light Codes open us up to the higher mind, they are a gift of the Brow Chakra and listening to them helps you to "remember". You might see Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, you might have past life memories, you might see visions that seem to make no sense to you at all, but all are perfect, all speak to you for what you need at any given time and each time you use them, they work on another layer. You might only feel the energy and that is perfect, because true wisdom is held within the energy and the ego can not get involved at all. Now that, I really love!

Inside the Great Pyramid / Cheops / Khufu the Kings chamber is aligned with Orion and the Queens chamber is aligned with Sirius. Orion is said to be the energy or home of Osiris and Sirius the energy of Isis, so the two stars are the representation of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. My work is all to do with the alignment, awakening and unification of the divine masculine and divine feminine within our own personal pyramid, so I was really looking forward to see what would come forward with this set of light codes. The Great Pyramid is the first in this series and I will also be doing the other two following this one. Meanwhile I want to share these first. When I saw the alignment with Orion and Sirius with the Kings Chamber and the Queens chamber I had a lot of emotion rise within me. This is often a sign of what I call "touching God". It feels to me like Truth.

Kings Chamber and Queens Chamber

If the Great Pyramid has the Kings chamber (Alpha in my work) and the Queens chamber (Omega in my work) aligned perfectly and receiving the light of Orion and Sirius or Osiris and Isis and the Great Pyramid from what I understand is standing on the very centre point of the land mass of the Earth. (The east-west parallel that crosses the most land and the north-south meridian that crosses the most land intersect in two places on the earth, one in the ocean and the other at the Great Pyramid). This is a most powerful place holder to spread the light of the divine masculine and the divine feminine, or the light of God and Goddess to all the peoples of the world. When the pyramid is activated everyone would begin to awaken their own divine masculine and divine feminine within and Heaven and Earth will become as one.

So, if you awaken your Orion Chakra (Alpha or Soul Star) and your Isis Chakra (Omega or Earth Star) and bring your personal pyramid into alignment, you will align with the Great Pyramid and with Orion and Sirius. The Three Wise Kings at the birth of Jesus are thought to be the three stars of Orion's belt, and the Star they named the Star of Bethlehem is thought to be Sirius. Orion or Osiris symbolises resurrection and Sirius or Isis symbolise initiation. So we can now see that the alignment of Orion and Sirius is symbolic of the birth of the Christ within. In Ancient Egypt Sirius was the star that related to life, rebirth, and Initiation into the God Self. The Three Wise Kings as the Three Stars of Orion's belt are wise teachers and guides helping us into rebirthing Divine Consciousness and anchoring our Higher Self of Earth.

Pyramids are Power Houses

Pyramids to me, symbolise generators or power houses. I say that because as someone who focuses on the ascension and having brought through the powerful energy we call LUXOR Light and having put that into a system where you can activate your light as you build your personal pyramid, we see people becoming power houses that touch others and awaken them and so it goes on. It's hard to explain until you experience it, but when you experience it, you know you are a powerhouse as your body activates in such a powerful way as it throws the light energies outward to touch others. Your energetic field expands exponentially and your consciousness rises exceptionally. So, the Great Pyramid of Giza is or was a power house that was built to awaken humanity. Something obviously went wrong somewhere or the wisdom lost, but it's still there, still a reminder of the great wisdom and the great energy of the ancients. It doesn't have the capstone any more, just like humanity lost their capstone. But if we align with Orion and Sirius, we too can build our own personal pyramids we can receive and activate our capstone and the light helps to activate humanity.

That's your part in the plan to restore Heaven on Earth.

The Star Alnitak

The Star from Orions Belt that connects with Cheops is Alnitak. I decided to sit with Alnitak and make connection, and I had a vision of a golden pyramid in the Heavens and some golden figure running down it. He looked a bit like an astronaught but as he came closer I saw his Pharaoh crown and mask. I can't describe the feeling of the energy, but I'm recommending you try and see what you get. I'd love it if you share your experience in the comments below. A simple way to connect is to sit in meditation, do your usual cleansing process, something like seeing a shower of pure white light coming down over you and sit in that until you are purified and then call upon Alnitak. You can do it simply by chanting the name and if you are ready, you will receive something. Remember to greet the energy and to give thanks and when you finish do the white light shower again and allow it to guide you back into full presence in the room.

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