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The Sacred Scarab of Karnak Temple

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

This scarab is in Karnak Temple
The Karnak Temple Scarab

The Scarab of Karnak Temple

In Karnak temple near the sacred lake is a giant scarab. There is a beautiful story that goes with the scarab. It was Amenhotep III’s gift to his wife Tiye as a symbol of keeping their love eternal. This is one of the holiest sites of Karnak just near the Sacred and Holy Lake and is said to hold mystical powers that bring happiness, luck and love to those who walk around it in a circle counterclockwise 7 times. Depending on the article you read, or the tour guide you are with, the story of how many times you walk and for what, varies. I'm no different, but it's really a belief in the magic of the scarab, so I'm suggesting you walk ....

  • 3 times for balance of body, mind and spirit

  • 4 times for good physical health

  • 5 times for removing bad luck or bad eye

  • 6 times for receiving a blessing for love and marriage

  • 7 times for connecting you to the Cosmos

  • 8 times for abundance of all good things

  • 9 times for to feel on cloud 9 and find your purpose or falling pregnant

The sacred scarab or Kephra renews itself every day and is therefore symbolic for the renewal of luck and turning your life around, for good health and blessings of love.

Where it began

In the time when Amenhotep III was Pharaoh, he commissioned a series of scarabs as a symbol of his eternal love for his beloved wife, Queen Tiye. They know of 56 of these scarabs, but all the scarabs of this time were dedicated to Queen Tiye. 56 is a significant symbolism itself, as it becomes an 11 and is a symbol of Truth and Vision between two identical energies.

Something else you might find interesting... I do

Queen Tiye was the daughter of Yuya (Joseph Coat of Many Colours) and Tuya, daughter of the Pharaoh. This is an amazing lineage, so here are some interesting snippets I have stumbled across during my connection with Egypt this lifetime.

Yuya was Josheph, that was sold into Egypt by his brothers. He was that known as Joseph Coat of many colours. He came into Egypt as a slave but became the Vizier to the Pharaoh and almost as important as the King himself. He held the gift of vision and was able to prophecise through his dream interpretation and so was a very valued and honoured Vizier to the Pharaoh. He married the Pharaohs daughter Tuya. They were the parents of Queen Tiye and quite likely also the parents of Ay the second last Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. Yuya, or Joseph is said to be an incarnation of Jesus, so we can see the very sacred and holy lineage unfolding...

Queen Tiye, daughter of Yuya and Tuya married Amenhotep III and he became a Pharaoh. Amenhotep III was in incarnation of the Ascended Master Serapis Bey, the Lord of Ascension who is the Chohan of the Ascension temple of Luxor, which is in the etheric, superimposed above Luxor Temple.

Now, Queen Tiye according to some writings I have stumbled upon was possibly to an incarnation of Mother Mary, this was written in a channeled book by Claire Heartsong called "Anna, Grandmother of Jesus". I thoroughly recommend you read it.

Amenhotep III and his Beloved Queen Tiye were parents to Akhenaten, Akhenaten and Nefertiti, whose father was possibly Ay, were parents to Tutankhamun. I don't know where it goes to from there yet, but you can see the connections to the royal Christ line.

The Sacred Scarab

On 11 January 2023, I visited Karnak Temple with the purpose of receiving the Light Codes of the Temple of the Cosmos, Karnak Temple, Precinct of Amun. The connection to the Sacred Scarab of Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye is one of the Temple Codes Transmissions from the Karnak series. With them you get to receive the benefit of the Sacred Magic of the Eternal Love Scarab.

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