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The Prodigal Son Returns

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

The Vision Speaks

My Visions for our message were, an upside-down tree trunk, with soft paper bark. A spiraling golden white stair well spiraling upwards and an Arab man in white garment and another man jumped into his arms for a hug like he had just come home – the prodigal son story.

The message of the upside-down leafless tree reminds us that while we may think and feel that we have had no time to grow and expand or that we have been left feeling empty, things are not quite as they may seem. Things are the opposite of what we may have thought.

Let go of any concerns that your life will never be normal again, because it is really that we have been experiencing an upending situation. We were given the perfect time for reflection to become attuned to a new way, a different way and to different energies.

Paperbark peels away in layers, and so do we as we heal. We peel away the layers until we come to our inner core and our deepest most intimate self is revealed. The name itself “paper” bark can suggest it’s a good time to write, to reflect on the year just gone, so you can come to the core of you and see the growth and beauty in the seemingly not so good time.

The upward spiraling golden-white energy stair well is leading us to the heavens above, to a higher consciousness, or a higher energy.

The purest vibration is white, and gold suggests a higher intellect and personal power. It is a path of enlightenment drawing us upward an into the Higher Realms or to Heaven itself. It is a rise in consciousness.

And finally, I saw a man dressed in a white robe with blue down the sides, and the younger man jumping into the arms of the older man. This reminded me of the story of the prodigal son. The Father represents the Father in Heaven or God Consciousness and the son is all of us who have gone wayward or have been lost in some way.

The message is about this journey we have all been on. It has been a healing journey as we go deeper into ourselves and gain greater wisdom, raising us to a higher consciousness, bringing us Home to the wise one within ourselves, to God, to Higher Consciousness. It’s the story of ascension.

So, this is the message for our first week of Light Codes Transmissions of 2021 that begin today. It is the message of where we have been and to where we are going.

We are always given opportunities to ascend, but this last year has been a collective in our face opportunity to stop and learn to be fully present, to reflect, to feel, to look deeper and to choose the path of a better way and a higher consciousness.

Viruses require a need to change the way we think about something to heal. This suggests a need for a higher consciousness.

We were forcefully removed so to speak from the chaos out there, to face the chaos within. For too long humanity have been too busy to go within, to find the inner core of ourselves. But as a collective mission for humanity the world was stopped and now is the time to come Home.

We are on the Home run. Humanity is ready to heal and so with 2021 here and the Great Awakening of 2020 now behind us, we are led forward to the Great Change into a world of Truth, Integrity, transparency, and freedom.

It’s week 143 which becomes an 8 where Heaven meets Earth….…… are you ready as we enter the age of enlightenment?!

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Membre inconnu
29 août 2021

Thanks for this bloog post

Christina Ritchie
Christina Ritchie
23 oct. 2021
En réponse à

thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it!

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