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Positivity and Determination

Helios the Sun God
Light Codes of Helios

The Vision of Helios

When I went into meditation for Week 140 Light Codes Transmissions, I was met by an Ancient Greek God and I heard the name Helios the ancient Greek Sun god. He is in the expression of the white-cream colour of purity and he held something in his right hand and his halo was a circle with a sun inside.

Following Helios, I could see someone climbing up over a wall of junk like scrap metal. The message came to me to climb, no matter how hard the climb is, it is the effort that will be supported, and you will make it even though it appears so hard. Don’t quit because at the last moment your effort will be rewarded, and you will be lifted up and over. We must acknowledge the challenge and know this is all a part of our growth.

Helios the sun god, promises better things to come. Promising no more storms. Let go, but as the storms do come, know they are only teachers. Acknowledge them and then let them go. Nothing is worth spoiling the beauty of the world of calm ahead of you.

The Message

At first, I could see nothing except the high wall of scrap metal and junk. The only focus was to get up and over it. Stay focused on the climb and be fully present. Do not cast a thought toward the struggle.

The message was made clear to me as he reached the top. My heart filled with love and opened wide just like the vista in front of me. I could see a wide expanse of land and in the distance, I saw the calm ocean and a beautiful dawn. It was magnificent. He looked down noticing it was such a long way to get to the bottom. But even though there is a jungle down there, he acknowledges such beauty, and he can see the direction he needs to go toward the beach. The waters were calm, and the sun was rising.

Determination will get you there

I can feel what he feels.

He is out of breath but within him he can feel a tinge of “oh no!” because it appears to be so far down and yet he feels excitement. It is the excitement that drives him on, and it is the state of excitement that will drive us on. It is the staying with that feeling that will help us to reach our destination. I hear the words “The beauty, the glory” and I am reminded that it is the journey, not the destination that holds the greatest wonder.

Even the way he is dressed was an inner knowing that life is going to be “a beach”. He wasn’t dressed for the hard climb. This is symbolic of his inner knowing that life is what you think it. He is dressed for a casual outing and yet during his casual outing he is making grand achievements to climb such a wall of junk. He feels exhilarated as he looks out over the expanse of beauty toward the calm bay. I can feel the bliss and my heart opens again and tears flow, and I see the pile of meditation stones reminding us to keep our balance. Be the meditation stones.

Always Stay Positive

We are reminded to always find the beauty, in everything. We are reminded of the calm seas, and the beautiful sunrises. And when times are tough, we are reminded to always look toward the sun; always find the positive.

I was given the words as I witnessed the vision unfolding before me. “Follow the sun, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, but never take your focus away from the light and it will guide you. Life is a beach, if you allow it”.

He was wearing blue shorts, yellow T-shirt and brown loafers. His blue shorts and yellow shirt symbolise the colours of the sun and the sky and his shoes are the colour of the earth. “You are the sun, you are the sky, you are the earth. Work together in harmony because there is a beautiful dawn coming. At the last hour, give your greatest effort”. It was then I heard the name “Christos”.

Christos the Anointed One

Christos is a Greek name that means “anointed,” or to become Christed. This is the journey we are all on. This is the journey of the man climbing over the pile of junk.

The man in the blue shorts, yellow t-shirt and brown loafers knows he has to climb down. I watch him as he is careful with his footing, knowing it will not be easy to climb over the other side of the junk pile. He needs to be careful with his footing, so he does not fall. He needs to stay balanced to navigate his climb down toward the trees. He has done so well to climb to the top, but he knows the journey does not end here.

I see stones in my mind’s eye piled one carefully on top of the other and are reminded that every moment is a meditation. He looks down upon the canopy of trees. And I can feel his exhilaration. He has found a new sense of endeavor. He sees things now as a “challenge” but not a struggle. Even if he did fall, he would fall upon the soft canopy of the trees.

Nothing is too bad.

Once down in amongst the trees (the jungle of life) it can be hard to see the light, and stay positive, so we are reminded that we must keep the sun alight within ourselves. It feels cold, damp, and lonely. The meditation stones remind me that we must maintain our balance to find our direction toward the life that is the beach. Look up. Remember, that person struggling to get over the wall of junk is you.

Life's a Beach

I’m drawn back to his clothes. He is wearing blue shorts, yellow t-shirt and brown loafers and I’m reminded of the garment we all wear. The sun of positivity, the sky of vast opportunity, expansion and of wondrous possibilities.

We have arrived, we only need to know it, feel it, acknowledge it, Be it. We have arrived. We only have to see it and feel it within.

The Light Codes of Positivity and Determination

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