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The Budai for Joy and Prosperity

the fat laughing buddha
Budai for Joy and Prosperity

The Laughing Buddha

This vision for Transmission 142 came to me as the fat laughing Buddha with his hands up. In my mind I heard "the Maitreya" because the fat laughing buddha was an incarnation of the Maitreya and he was known as Budai.

Joy and Prosperity

Following this first vision came a troop of fat, laughing Buddha's all with hands raised. It is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune when the laughing Buddha has his hands in the air.

Pure Thoughts

The next vision was a woman sitting at a spinning wheel wearing a white cap. The symbolism of spinning is to do with the cycles of life and spinning things into creation. She wore a white cap showing the spiritual quality of her thoughts. Watch the video below to receive the mantra to help you keep your thoughts and mind pure.

Lao Tzu

The next vision was Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu is also an ascended master of joy and lightness of being. He teaches us not to be so solemn and to live our lives by seeing the bright side of things.

Becoming the Buddha Self

That vision was followed by many Buddhas on oxen. The Ox are strong and dependable. They teach us to keep going and never give up. They will carry us as we become the Budai, bringing in the Maitreya energy into the new era. The ox symbolise stages of practice leading to the enlightenment, the ultimate, undivided reality, the Buddha-nature itself.

The Maitreya

The Maitreya is the Buddha of this age we have just entered, the Buddha who comes to teach us enlightenment. First we must become the bodhisattva, and then after many lifetimes, we progress to Buddhahood. We become a Bodhisattva when we are ready for the path to becoming a Buddha. A Boddhisatvva gives of themselves in service to help others also find enlightenment.

Balanced Masculine and Feminine

The final vision was of the masculine and feminine hand in hand in union approaching a car. Ready as balanced aspects of ourselves to now approach the next part of our journey toward Buddhahood and activating Joy and Prosperity.

We are totally on track!

Please research the symbolisms in my visions for yourself and find greater meaning for yourself. This is the New Era and we are all becoming Buddhas!

Watch the Video all the way to receive further messages with the card reading.

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