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Valentine’s Day Celebrating Divine Love

Sharing love with the world
Love to all of Humanity

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Valentine's Day?

Have you ever thought about the deeper spiritual meaning for Valentine's Day? I was writing up the numerology for today for one of my client sessions and it just nudged me to go deeper. I'll write the numerology below, but first I want to write about Valentine's Day and its spiritual perspective.

Valentine’s Day has its origins in both pagan and Christian traditions, but its essence is universal. It is a day to celebrate love in all its forms, not just about the feeling or the emotional side to it, but a recognising that Love is a powerful force that connects us to ourselves, to others, and to the divine. Love is the source of all creation, the essence of our being, and the ultimate goal of our existence.

On Valentine’s Day, we are able to tap into the energy of love and to share it with those around us, not just our lovers or hopeful lovers.


Practice Self Love

a divine being
Recognise your Divine Essence

Self-Love should always come first.

Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to honour and appreciate yourself as a divine being and to treat yourself with kindness, compassion, and respect, and do things that make you feel happy and healthy, give to yourself with a massage or a healing, or a facial, spend time in meditation. Do something especially for you. Affirm your worthiness and uniqueness by celebrating your gifts and talents. Self-love is the foundation of all other forms of love, and it allows us to shine our light and inspire others and then we can express our love to our loved ones.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to show gratitude and appreciation to the people who matter the most to us. Tell your kids, your parents, your siblings, your friends how much you love them, and how they make a difference to your life. Do something for them, send a message, give them a hug, call them, spend time together and strengthen the bond between each other. This will help create more joy and harmony within your relationships.

Spread Love out into the World

man blowing kisses
Sending love out into the world

Try spreading love to the world going beyond your immediate circle, write a post like this, wish everyone Happy Valentine's Day on Facebook, Instagram or wherever. Touch the lives of others because you just don't know who might need it right now. Be kind, be generous, send prayers and give blessings far and wide or to all of humanity and the planet too of course. Spread love out to the world to help create positive change and healing.

Connect to the energy of divine love because Valentine’s Day is ultimately a reminder of the divine love that is within us and around us. Connect through meditation, prayer, or any other spiritual practice that you resonate with. Ask for guidance, support, and inspiration from the divine, and trust that you are always loved and cared for. Connecting to the energy of divine love will fill you with peace, wisdom, and purpose.

Spiritual Awakening on Valentine's Day

someone having a spiritual experience
Spiritual Awakening

Valentine’s Day is more than just a day of romance. It is a day of spiritual awakening, a day to remember who we are and why we are here. Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate the love that is our true nature, and to share it with the world. So, honour the divine love that is the source of all and if you are not in a relationship, you are not missing out! Divine Love is here for all of us, tap into that now.....

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Numerology of Love

I thought it was rather special that today's numerology in the way I do it, is perfect for the divine love vibration. I have had a blog for many years sharing daily energies if you are interested in that one, but meanwhile, I want to share today's energy for you....

42/6 The Love Vibration

love flowing around the world
Share the love with everyone

This is the Love Vibration, so shower as much love as you can upon your loved ones and be willing to allow them to shower it upon you! It's about family too, so hold your left hand upon your heart and your left hand just below the navel and place a smile on your face and breathe deep and think of your family.  Just let go and surrender to Love, let it flow in, you will see who your true family is if you surrender to the experience and allow the love to flow.  

Colours of 42/6 Vibration

Indigo is the vibration that rules 42/6, but to embrace the harmony of embracing relationships green and orange will lovingly guide you into the depths of Indigo.

42/6 Affirmation

"I create family wherever I go by the love that I so willingly let flow".


A woman in a garden meditating on self love
Practice Self-Love

The journey to Self-love is a journey of dedication, devotion and commitment to you, to yourself. 

You are the Beloved, the divine feminine and the divine masculine and the coming together in harmony within you first is the journey.


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