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  • Christina Ritchie

Where am I who am I?

Life is just cruising along and then all of a sudden everything comes crashing in on you. You not only wonder what happened, you start to wonder who you are and where you belong?

This is a major turning point in your life. You are not failing, but rather you have earned the right to find out the ultimate question "who am I?"

You feel like you are falling into the darkness, you feel lost and you can't find your way out. Your stomach is churning, you might be having panic attacks or fits of anxiety. Your mind is filled with all sorts of crazy notions and you react to the tiniest of things.

What is happening? One minute all seems fine and all of a sudden, bang, life is turned upside down and inside out and you feel lost.

For those of us who have said we want to walk the spiritual path, this is ultimately what will happen. You have to let go of one world in order to step into the new. At each stage of our spiritual path, we have a moment of choice, to die to the old and move into the new, or to stay on the same old merry-go-round where life is mundane and nothing seems to change. You are in your comfort zone and you have settled or you are "content".

There is no spiritual growth in "settled" or "content", it is the home of the living zombie, you are simply sleep walking, you are the walking dead. It goes with the saying "ignorance is bliss". It's not really bliss, it's just ignorance, not knowing there is more, but it's not easy taking that leap of faith and choosing to enter a new world, a world you are not familiar with. Imagine going to live on Mars, you can't, you have no idea what it would be like. That's the same as entering upon the spiritual journey for the first time. You are entering a new world, one where you will feel like you don't belong and your family and friends may not understand you any more, so you feel even more alienated.

Where am I?

For a brief moment you feel lost, not realising that before you made this transition, you were already lost, now you are simply seeking to find yourself. You made the brave decision, either on a conscious level or a subconscious level to leave the old world behind and seek a new one. This happens at many levels. Every time you are ready for a new level of consciousness, you have to die to the old one and transition into the new. It`s a rebirthing, and the journey through the birth canal is painful and dark and lonely and you can`t see forward and you try to go back and you can`t. Where am I?

Who am I?

The transition from Where am I, to Who am I is not always plain to see. You are being reborn and just like any birth, at first you are in shock because you were already wondering where you were, and now, you not only don`t know where you are, but you don`t know who you are! Who is this new you? Where is the old me? Why can`t I feel what I felt before? You are in a state of Limbo, waiting for the next move. There is no way back and your mind has now gone to nothingness. You want to scream but you don`t know what you are screaming about, you have no answers. Who am I?

This is the Awakening

There is no way back, and for those who deny the journey forward into oneness, there is only suffering and continual ignorance, a life but not alive. A spirit denied is a dreadful thing and is often numbed with drugs and alcohol so you don`t have to face the pain of awakening or re-birthing into a new world, a world vastly different to the one you knew. Fear holds us back. Fear of the unknown.

Face the fear and do it anyway they say. Face the fear. What is there to fear but fear itself; fear of the self, fear of the Higher Self of God. Fear that you may become all that you can be.... this is the Awakening.

But you didn't turn back, you faced the fear and now you are wondering "who am I?"

There is no answer to "who am I?" There is only I am, that I am. This is the God within you, the path you have chosen is to find and awaken the God within you. This is the ascension. And then, bring into union the God and Goddess, the unified Masculine and Feminine in unification at the Heart as you descend your Higher Self on Earth. This is Oneness, Unity, Liberation and becoming all that you ever were.

First we are in the chaos, we only see the darkened agendas such war and terror and poverty and we live in fear of missing out or losing what we have. And then we awaken to the feeling nature, the emotions and everything is suddenly harder and yet we are more awake, aware of our surroundings. But it hurts, we feel deeply first for ourselves and we get lost in the drama of life. And as we start to understand our feelings we start to feel everyone else's feelings and this can weigh heavier. We learn to master our own feelings and to understand what is ours and what belongs to others, because now you are not only healing for yourself, but you are healing for the collective. We learn to be compassionate and forgiving. And we die to that nature and are born again.

Born Again

Born again into further learning; learning that it is our thoughts that create and so we are plagued by our own thoughts until we learn to let go of blame and shame and judgment and we detach from the mind game and accept all as perfect just the way it is. We become unconditional and all knowing without attachment to that even. This is ascension. This is the answer to "Who am I?" You are nothing and no one and you are all and everything all at the same time and there is no thought around it. I Am That I Am.

There is no answer, you just are......

This is the ascension

There is a place on Earth that reflects the journey of ascension, that ignites the awakening in you. As above so below, in Luxor, Egypt, the Temple of Luxor is the physical reflection of the body of the God Self. It was built as a model of the body of the Pharaoh and this symbolised the construction of the Body of the God Self or Higher Self. The Temple of Luxor was built by the Great Architect and Pharaoh, Amenhotep III. In the etheric above the Temple of Luxor is the Heavenly Temple of Ascension and the Master who resides here is the Ascended Master Serapis Bey, the ascended aspect of Amenhotep III. The white flame of Purity burns here and ignites the purification process within each individual if they are ready. The purpose is to purify the lower bodies, to gain mastery over the lower nature as can be seen on the walls of the temples where the Pharaoh gains control and kills the animal. This symbolises the killing of the lower nature and rising up into higher consciousness. This begins the journey through the chaos and the internal revolution that must take place to rest in harmony within your own true nature.

Have you visited Luxor or Egypt in general and wondered why you began to feel the chaos rise within you? This was your turning point, this is triggering your awakening! Knowing how to manage it and understand it makes the transition so much smoother. Join the LUXOR Light Ascension Program now.

Would you like to experience first hand where it all began? 11:11 Leaving from Luxor to Aswan

This is ascension

LUXOR Light Ascension draws these energies to you, wherever you are in the world and your healing into the return of the god/goddess that you are, the master of your True Nature, your Higher Self, begins. Would you like to embark upon the journey of Healing to find your Self and awaken to your True Purpose?

Write to me at or say yes today and start the LUXOR Light Ascension Program


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