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Sex and Twin Flames

Updated: Apr 5

Twin Flames in sexual union
Twin Flames in Union

I decided it was time I started to write more about twin flames, given a large portion of my work has moved in that area. I started attracting twin flame clients when my own twin flame journey was well under way. This is a touchy subject for many reasons. One being that people have a very limited understanding of what twin flames are. Everyone has their idea of what a twin flame is and most of the time many people get them mixed up with soul mates. There is this romanticized version of twin flames that is simply not true. Those who are true twin flames will often say, they wish they did not know their twin flame. That is because the journey is a difficult one. Non-twin flames can't understand the journey and will categorize your twin flame connection as a toxic relationship because they cannot fathom why anyone would put up with what is common amongst many and most twin flames. Because I work with many twin flames, I have a vast knowledge now of the commonalities of twin flames of which I will write about another day, but today I want to touch on the topic of sex and twin flames.

I belong to a twin flame forum where many topics come up and it is really interesting to follow along with the questions that come in and the answers that the twin flame "experts" give and the comments that come up. Many of the twin flame experts on this twin flame forum are very knowledgeable because they have walked the journey, or rather are walking the journey and so they write from their own experience and many of them are like me, they work with many twin flames, so they know the commonalities that come up with twin flames.

Today there was a question posted on the forum, that went something like this: "what happens when you stop having sex with your twin flame?" One very knowledgeable twin flame contributor wrote an answer to say something like; "not many twin flames are having sex". She was hammered by those who say they are having this out of the world experience of sex with their twin flames. I decided to comment on this one too because I do have knowledge on this subject through personal experience and through the many twin flames that I work with all over the world.

It is true, not many twin flames are partaking in sex. Most twin flames don't get that far before one of them will run. Most twin flames are not in union, let alone relationship. I look at the degree of union in twin flames and I can tell you that most true twin flames if they have met each other, are not ready for each other and so I doubt that many who claim to be in this mind blowing sexual contact with their supposed twin, are more likely very strongly connected soul mates or karmic partners. I know this, because before I met my twin flame, I thought I was with my twin flame a couple of times, because I had these out of this world experiences with other sacred partners. Because you know what, all you need for this experience, is to be with someone who meets you equally in frequency throughout your chakras. If the chakras are clear and your kundalini is awake, you will have these experiences with any sacred union. Too many people are putting labels on their relationships in the guise of twin flame.

All relationships are sacred and all relationships have a purpose, but a twin flame "connection"; and I want to emphasize that twin flames should be called connection, rather than relationship, because that is what they are. They are a powerful connection, come together for the purpose of a spiritual mission. Soul mates are different. Soul mates can easily be romantic, move in with each other and live happily until the completion of their contract, but a twin flame connection is ruined by the focus of romanticizing them. Twin flames are about choosing the divine over the human, they are about ascension and when the ascension frequencies are risen enough they are about mission. If both twins have healed enough of their wounding to bring this into a harmonious union, it could quite easily become a relationship. BUT.... if you get stuck on the romance or the sexual distraction, you will be separated again, because this connection is about divinity and the purpose of soul and divine purpose. A twin flame connection will never end, unlike a soul mate relationship. Soul mates will fulfill their time (hopefully) and complete their karmic contracts just like karmic partners, but twin flames will go on and on and on; they are eternal. Romanticizing the twin flame connection will keep you "away" from union, because you need to bring your focus back to your self.

You can try to move on from your twin flame, but the reality is, you can never forget your twin flame. You are joined by an eternal bond and that bond can never be broken.

In your twin flame connection, you will be given exactly what it is you need to work on in order to gain greater light. Doing that might mean that one twin still struggles with deep wounding, or still trying to clear their darkness. Each twin will know what their mission is, depending on their greatest challenge. You will also have some karma to clear, either with each other, or they will help you to clear out any remaining karma you have anywhere else. They are the last bastion if you like. They are the only one who can trigger you to the greatest degree and that is what they are meant to do. They are the biggest mirror, reflecting whatever it is you need to master. I use the word master rather than healing, because some twins are already in their mastery, so the twin will come matching your frequency but often on the opposite scale. This is why they appear to be so toxic. But in fact everything is divine. What if you have achieved a high degree of mastery and healing or spiritual evolution but there is something that is still left undone? You will need to attract a very hard task master. That task master might be someone who is struggling to clear their contract with the dark side. They need your greatest light to bring them up and you need their darker side to dredge out your deepest wounds for healing. It all about healing polarity and the greater your light the harder your task is likely to be with your twin. This is a journey of mastery and unconditional love... that means proving you are capable and worthy!

Another misinformed piece of information about twin flames, is that it is the twin flame that wakes each other up. This is not always true, although it can be, if this is the only way for someone to "wake up". For instance, I was already awakened and already moved through the ascension and already working my ascension mission four years prior to meeting my twin flame. But it was 8 years before we started to recognise each other. I am the one that wakes up my twin flame and he assists me in strengthening my mastery on many levels. Your twin flame is your greatest teacher, but you will learn nothing until you are willing to see your weakness and turn it into your strength.

What I have noticed is that most twin flames, even the awake ones, still get caught in the attachment to "relationship". I also have to check myself on that one constantly. What happens when you get attached to the "relationship" ideal, is that you miss the truth of the connection and so the twins have to separate until they learn, understand and implement to true twin flame purpose. I'm not saying you can't have a relationship, but what I am saying is that "relationship" is a distraction, or can be a distraction to the path. Until you can stay on your path and fulfil your purpose, you will continue to separate from your twin flame. This brings another complication. One twin will decide to focus on their ascension or their purpose, but still attached to the idea of that is what will bring the twin flames together. They have missed the point altogether because they still have attachment to outcome. Twin flames must surrender totally. Until they surrender, they will continue the head butting and separation phases. Separation phases are a must for healing and integration time. If you know this and understand this, you will even know when it is time to separate. Separation is paramount and when you fully understand this, you can consciously separate, knowing that it is temporary. Sometimes you have to accept that separation is only temporary, because sometimes you may wish that you could separate from your twin flame permanently, but this is not really possible. I know some twin flames that are most likely physically separated for this lifetime because they chose to let it go and be with a soul mate and this was right for them, but they cannot stop thinking of their twin flame. It's like a haunting.

Meanwhile back to "what happens when you stop having sex with your twin flame"? The question should probably be, "what happens after you have sex with your twin flame"? What happens is, you will be thrown into a healing crisis and this is the purpose of the sexual connection. It goes deep to the core and any old wounding will be brought up to deal with. It is often reported that after sex with the twin flame, one twin will run. The intensity can be too much for them to handle and triggers come up. This is how it is meant to be, because it creates an opportunity for greater healing. If you can be conscious of this, it will pass quicker, but if you go into it unconsciously you will miss the gift it is bringing you. If both twins are aware they are twin flames and have acknowledged the connection on both sides, it is easier to allow space for each other or at least one to move into their healing phase. Honour the separation phase that needs to take place, surrender to what is and this will give the space for the other twin to heal. If you go into fear that they will not come back, you will feed the separation period. Total surrender is vital in attaining full union.

Please ask questions in the comment box and lets open this for discussion. If you would like a twin flame analysis check it out here.

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Jan 02
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is artical made me cry..because every word is exactly whats going on between me and my twin..

Our first meeting, she wss feeling very sexual towards me,, and i wanted it,,from a distance,,6 months later,,after 2 blow out fights,,(caused by me feeling to much connection) I'm ready for a sexual interaction..and she is being netural, focusing on her purpose,,while i am being her mentor..and feeling i have to get over feeling used..but the sexual energy with me is soooo strong...shes a libra,,goddess of love with domestic violence trama from passed relationship...

Now i know that every time i feel physically sexual..its really about me/us helping each other.. but i want her in, bed, physically sooo bad.....thank you for…

Christina Ritchie
Christina Ritchie
Apr 05
Replying to

Have patience. This journey takes a long time. Look at what it is teaching you and you will find it easier. Once you are able to accept what it is teaching you the pain lessons and you go into a form of surrender. Of course, it comes back but every bit of relief is welcome on this journey. Consider the lesson and what it means.... could it be teaching you - patience, to release you from desire, to let go of control, unconditional love and so on. Contemplate what it is you feel you want and need and how as much as our human desires are so very nice, they are desires. You will find peace and breath…

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