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Twin Flames and the pain of Separation

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Twin Flames and the pain of separation
Twin Flames

The pain of separation from your Twin Flame

I've read a lot about twin flames since I found myself on the true journey of twin flames. I write true journey, because prior to this, I thought I was with my twin flame, but being with my true twin and who I thought was my twin are very far removed from each other. The one I thought was my twin flame, I travelled this life journey with for 6 years. It began with the most incredible synchronicities and powerful connection, far beyond those you read about with twin flames, so all those "10 signs you've met your twin flame" are seriously not signs of meeting your twin flame at all, they are signs you have met a significant karmic soul connection, but they are not signs of having met your twin flame. All that "I feel at Home" kind of things are also not signs of having met your twin flame. The sex was "out of this world", that too is not a sign of twin flames, you can have that with any significant soul connection that can meet you where you can go. They are people trying to fit into a box, to match the list of having met their twin flame. I've had all that and more before meeting my twin flame. But today I'm not writing about how you can know who your twin flame is, I want to write about another misconception about twin flames and that is about twin flame separation. Before I start however, I do want to state that everyone is different and therefore there is no sign that you can fit into a box to tell you if you are with your twin flame or not. A psychic that is also a twin flame can most likely see, an intuitive can feel, you can "know" it, but the signs are there for everyone these days and the reason for that is "ascension". Twin Flames are an ascension journey and so anyone on the ascension journey will experience twin flame signs and synchronicities.

Now let's get back to talking about Twin Flame separation and again I want to stipulate that I am talking about from my experience and the reason I want to share from my experience is so that it just might help someone else.

Full Twin Flame Union

If you have attained full union with your twin flame and by that I mean on all levels of union, including in the physical, then there can be no separation ever again. This is where it gets very important for you to understand. "No separation ever again".

However, "no separation" ever again, does not mean you will live as husband and wife or under the same roof, or have a romantic relationship. To explain this, I have to share my own experience.

Through Conflict to harmony

For nearly 7 years, my twin flame and I have been trying to come together in relationship. We have been through a catastrophic catalysmic coming together. It has not been easy. We travelled through conflict to harmony and that is what ascension is. You see the twin flame journey and ascension is one and the same. There are so many directions we can go with this, so it is a topic that is not easily talked about. I have to take it bit by bit. I had already walked the ascension path, had already anchored my third energy, already fully on mission for 11 years prior to beginning the "physical" merger with my twin flame. What took place when the "physical merger" began was that I was pulling my twin flame with me on the ascension journey. He was coming along on the ascension with me, but kicking and screaming so to speak. This brings me to why I am writing this blog. There are two reasons. One because I hope it can help someone else, and two because I intend it and dedicate it to the healing of my twin flame who is experiencing the physical pain of physical separation. I'll get to that later.

Some points to clarify. I met my twin flame in 2008, we kept being put on each others path albeit fleetingly like ships in the night for 8 years when our "physical merger" began.

Spiritual Twin Flame Merger

This is very important to understand. Your "spiritual merger" begins long before your physical merger. The physical is always the last to ascend. The spiritual merger is when your soul reunites after many incarnations experiencing separation. This merger begins when you have attained the 6th dimensional level of consciousness in the heart chakra.

My spiritual merger with my twin flame began in 1997 during dream state. We met for the first time in 2008.

Causal Merger

This is the next level of merging with your twin flame and is when you begin noticing signs and synchronicities. Before you go jumping up and down that your twin flame is on his or her way, please understand that this is an "ascension" symptom, not just a twin flame sign. This means you are on the ascension. This merger begins when you have attained the 5th dimensional level of consciousness in the heart chakra.

Mental Merger

This is when you literally go mental haha. No joke, this is when your ego gets involved. You can't stop thinking about your twin flame and you are driven crazy. Your mind is constantly searching for your twin flame and when you cannot "connect", you exerience the mental anguish of separation. You must master this level and it is not easy. This is also a 5th dimensional level of mastery. Everyone on the ascension must master this level and if you master it for yourself and your ascension first then if you do meet your twin flame, it will be so much easier. This merger begins when you have attained the 8th dimensional level of consciousness in the heart and crown chakra.

Emotional Merger

The emotional merger is the hardest one. This is because everyone wants the happily ever after. They want to fit their twin flame "connection" into the soul mate box and that is just not what twin flames are about. The experience of emotional separation means you are not ready for your twin flame union. This merger begins when you have attained 9th dimensional level of consciousness in the heart and crown chakra. Your heart is yearning to be at one.

Physcial Merger

This is the last and final level of the twin flame merger. When you reach this level, you can never be seperated again. However that is where all the misunderstanding comes in and the keeps the chaos and conflict in place. Firstly, physical union does not necessarily mean romantic relationship, living happily ever after again. It simply means you have achieved physical union and now you must learn to master what that truly means. This is going to take a while so bare with me.

Physical merger begins when you have attained 10th dimensional level of consciousness in heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra and crown chakra.

Full physical merge takes place when both twin flames have attained 10th dimensional level of consciousness in all chakras permanently. Full physical merge actually takes place through the etheric body. This is the part that is vital to understand. When you understand it, it will bring you a great deal of peace.

When you have attained full physical merge there is no more mental anguish, no more emotional turmoil, no more attachment. You have reached the point of surrender to accept what is. This is when the full physical/etheric merge is complete. Everything then becomes about the higher purpose and merging into the All.

If you don't know anything about ascension

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twin flame mergers on all levels.

My Experience with Separation

Since the beginning of physical merger with my twin flame in 2016, we have not been able to seperate, no matter how hard either of us tries. This is the interesting part. On two occassions, I tried to cut the cords and force seperation with my twin flame. The first time was about 3 years ago. What happened was I tore something in my right hip and for more than one week I could not walk, I was in severe "physical" pain. I realised what I had done and in the realisation, my wound began to heal and I gained mobility again. We also began to walk beside each other again including my twin flame "stepping up" and into his personal mission of healing work. He was thrust into his work at a very fast pace and was working with clients all over the world every day for about 6 months until his ego got in the way and then as fast as it started, it stopped. At around this time which was about a year ago, I decided to try to separate our energies again. I had forgotten about the time before and it was the furthest thing from my mind. What should happen, but my right hip tore again. After about a week of severe pain and not being able to walk again, I "realised" what I had done and I remembered the previous time and joined the dots. I knew I should never try that again and that I had to find a better way to master the journey with my twin flame. He was not ready to walk with me in the way we need to walk.

Let's jump ahead one year later. Once again, I realised, my mission is being held back, because I have been "waiting" for my twin to join me and he is not ready. I need to leave the country for a while to "distance" myself from his energy, so I can move full force back into my mission. I had allowed the relationship between us to get in the way of the real purpose which is mission. I knew my energy needed to start moving again and I listened and answered a call from "St Paul of Thebes" the first monk and went on pilgrimage to his monastery in the Eastern Desert, near the Red Sea in Egypt. This began a new series of work between me and the Egyptian Temples, of which I am sharing little by little, but there is a whole lot more I have not yet shared. While working with the Temple of Thoth, I received a calling to India, to a place called Budh Gaya. This is where the Buddha attained enlightenment. I have since discovered that the Buddha was an incarnation of Thoth, but that is for another story. Anyway, my twins ego was taking over again and I had to put some big boundaries in place and begin to plan for my leave of Egypt to bring further distance between our energies so I can expand and he can heal and grow. This is what has happened. In him thinking I am leaving him, and he doesn't want me to leave, he stepped back and gave me space, hoping I will change my mind. At the same time in some way, he was trying to disconnect with me to stop his own anguish. I hadn't seen him for about a month, when I'd had a reading with my trusted psychic about my leave of Egypt, which is still a little blocked by my twin flames energies. She told me it was imperative that my twin does not think I am leaving because of him, because if that were the case, he might "break his back or a leg, or lose an eye or something serious would happen to him". It was too late, I had already told him I was leaving because of him. A few days later, he visited me, struggling to walk. He said for 3 weeks he could not walk with the pain in his hip and lower back and all the way down his left leg. He didn't stay long and I didn't see him again, things firmly established that I am leaving.

The night before last I had a song in my sleep all night. I can't remember the tune or name of song but I remember it was something about me being able to have whatever I want. I had gotten up to go to the bathrooom and noticed the song and thought to myself, I wonder if I will hear from my twin today, becasue I receive messages from him in songs. Yes he rang me and he visited me. He is still struggling to walk, 5 weeks now. That is the purpose of this blog, to help him and all of you who have or will experience this. There can be no physical separation once physical union has taken place, there can only be distancing and you must learn to work with the energies of the twin flame connection. Not all twin flames will come into relationship, and although you may both want to, there can be reasons that it is not possible. My twin is married with young children. He is unhappy, but it is his journey to be a husband and a father. He can never dvorce his wife, because she is his cousin and to divorce her he would be divorcing his whole family and many other cultural reasons. Twin flames are not about living happily ever after in a romantic fairy tale relationship. They go beyond that into true love and all that encompasses.

I had joked before about me and my twin flame being joined at the hip when my right hip (masculine side)had torn. Now his left hip (feminine side) has torn. We literally are joined at the hip. Our physical side does not want to be separated. If we were standing side by side my right hip and his lef hip would be together. In order for my twin to realise the degree of our connection, he has to experience this physical pain just like I did.

Twin Flame Missions

So what do you do in these circumstances? Twin flames are about ascension and mission. Once you have attained your ascension to the level of the 10th dimension, you really need to be on mission. This is the thing that should be foremost on your mind, because you have already attained full union within and now you must bring forth the third energy. Your twin flame may not be ready for this degree of mission; they may still be working on other karmic lessons or connections and you should never force someone out of their karmic contracts because those karmic contracts are a part of their ascension. My twin flame can meet me at my spiritual level, but he keeps diving back down into the depths and that is because he has not completed his healing and contracts.

Do not disconnect from your twin flame

Do not disconnect from your twin flame connection, learn instead about your own journey, complete your own ascension and make that your main aim. Your twin flame will benefit from all the work you do on yourself. Let go of control and the need to come into relationship with your twin flame. Relationship is not what union is all about. relationship is a bi-product, not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal for all twin flames and everyone else is to come into inner union and to merge into the All, the rest is ego. If you and your twin flame are destined into relationship, it will happen, but first and foremost, you must not place attachment to that, because attachment is not union, not merger, attachment is keeping you in separation consciousness.

If you are separated from your twin flame

  • in the physcial, then you must focus on your mission.

  • in the emotional, then you must focus on your inner world and self love.

  • in the mental, then you must still your mind through meditation or distract the mind through learning new things.

  • in the causal, then you are not ready and must focus on your ascension

  • in the spiritual, then it's not your time or purpose to be with a twin flame, focus on your ascension and the one you are with or attracting a soul mate.

Don't go crazy, reach out to someone who has travelled the journey and knows what it's like. don't talk to those who are not twin flames, because they will give you wrong advice. Seek to understand yourself first and know you are not alone. Don't believe everything you read or watch on the internet, this is a real journey and cannot be put in a box. People are people and have lives to live and karma to clear. There are no guarantees, don't believe those who say there are. The only guarantee is that you will find union if you focus on your ascension, but that does not necessarily mean you will be in a romantic relationship with your twin flame. Learn and grow. The ulitmate goal is to be at one with the All, everything else is ego and ego dissolves in the All, where none of it matters.

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