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Unlocking Harmony: Ascending to the 14th Dimension

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Harmony after the Chaos

Finding Harmony after the Chaos in the 14th Dimension

The Fourteenth dimension is like a mirror pathway, travelling along with the third dimension, only on a higher octave.

It is here we begin true healing of the shadow self; the "unrealised" self. From the 14th dimensional level of Consciousness, we begin to "Realise" the aspects of self that were hidden and needing to be healed. By now you have done the inner work on your journey from the third dimension to thirteenth dimensional consciousness - the Home of Enlightenment, except you were not fully "Realised". Now we are beginning to merge the shadow with the light, the lower self with the Higher Self.

In the 14th we are dissolving the concepts of the shadow side of the third dimension, such as fear, insecurity, hopelessness, discouragement, impurity, chaos and transmuting the shadow to the state of purity, hope, self-discipline, integration, perfection, wholeness and nurturing qualities. It is here that we bring the physical - material state into its purest form as a reflection of the divine and into harmony with Spirit.

Inner Union

Attaining Inner Union
Inner Balance and Harmony

By now we have attained inner union, while still working towards greater inner harmony. This is also the journey of the Twin Flame.

Once the full merger with the twin flame has taken place and inner spiritual union has been attained, then from the fourteenth dimension to the twenty-fourth dimension, we are working towards attaining harmony with the God-Goddess, dancing in eternal harmonious union with the Divine.

The Fourth Ray Path

With all that being said, I feel a better way to describe the fourteenth dimension and onwards, would be the beginning phase of attaining harmony having now cleared the inner Chaos. This is the Fourth Ray Path, the Path to Sirius, the Path of healing the inner conflict and attaining harmony within. Not all of Humanity is on this path yet, but according to Alice Bailey writings they will be by 2025, we are only at the beginning of the journey.

You could say that the 14th dimension is where we have healed the inner conflict that is the mission of the Fourth Ray Path.

The Fourth Ray Path is the Path of Ascension, the white flame of purity, the ascension flame. The White fire is in the base-of-the-spine chakra, and this is where we begin to build our inner temple and our pyramidal Self.

path from conflict to harmony
The Path to Sirius

Sometimes the Fourth Ray Path is called the Path to Sirius, or the Path of attaining harmony through the chaos or the path of finding harmony through the conflict and sometimes the "Ray of Struggle". You can find out more through the Alice Bailey teachings. All twin flames are on this path and when you understand that you will find greater meaning in the struggle you find yourself in with your twin flame. If you can find harmony with your twin flame, you know you are mastering the Fourth Ray Path.

Finding harmony on the Fourth Ray Path, is sometimes referred to as "the birth of Horus" or awakening the Light of Christ within, which is birthed through pain and suffering.

The Fourteenth Dimension

This post came about from my latest LUXOR Light Ascension Program. In the ascension program, we experience the dimensions through a journey into our own inner temple as we build our pyramidal self, awakening to the higher dimensional chakras. We work all the way to the 24th dimension and profound insights and visions unfold as you embody the frequencies of ascension and become a carrier of this powerful purification flame re-awakening your lost codes of wisdom.

pyramid of light, woman in lotus position and horus in belly.
The Pyramidal Self and the inner Horus

When we went to the thirteenth dimension, we experienced it as a place just “to be”, a place very much in the NOW and activating that state of being.  So, arriving at the fourteenth dimension we are in a better place of balance and coming into that perfect state on the journey to birth Horus and the light of Christ within.

In the 14th Dimension we activate energies that bring greater independence and open doors to new beginnings.  We become more aligned with welcoming the energies that create change and freedom.  Freedom brings us into a state of perfect balance as our inner being is in far greater harmony with our environment. This creates the perfect foundation for embracing the changes we require to become the liberated Being incarnate on Earth and working towards creating the Heaven on Earth otherwise called the New Earth.

14th dimensional mind
Dissolution of Egoic Mind into Higher Mind

Our aim is to carry the state of Bliss attained or rather reached in the 13th dimension as we heal through the higher octaves from the fourteenth dimension and onward into Oneness at the 24th dimension.

The 14th dimension is the merging of the egoic mind and the higher divine mind. It is a place of surrender opening us to higher worlds of the unified heart - mind where we let go of what was and accept what is.

Birthing a New Reality

Birthing a New Reality Book
A book about the ascension journey

I ask that you accept only what resonates with your inner being. I write from my own level of understanding and what resonates within me and what I have experienced myself on my journey of ascension. Our journeys and our growth are in constant change and each step along that journey is an unfoldment of awakening consciousness. I enjoy each of those steps and see each unfoldment as an adventure and this is what I share with you. I write in the way that I understand it and if it resonates with you, it might just help you to awaken the next piece within yourself.

Please connect with me if you would like to book a call to discuss working through the dimensions with the LUXOR Light Ascension Program.

My book is available on Amazon in your country. Thank you in advance for supporting me by purchasing it. It's filled with energies to help bring greater shifts in you. XXX

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