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Hapi Egyptian god and inner union

Hapi symbolises inner union
Hapi Egyptian god of the Nile

Inner Union

Hapi Egyptian god of the Nile, symbolises finding inner union. Inner Union or Sacred Marriage is activated with this light codes transmission. During the transmission I had visions of Hapi, god of the Nile tying the knot so to speak. Tying the knot is symbolic of getting married. In this case we are talking about the sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine energies within our own chakra system.

Awakening the Masculine and Feminine Chakra System

Hapi was a god of both Upper and Lower Egypt and he is often shown depicted as twin deities, one wearing the papyrus of the north also known as Upper Egypt as his headdress, and the other wearing the south or Lower Egypt lotus as his headdress. The Upper Egyptian Hapi was called 'Hap-Meht' while the Lower Egyptian Hapi was known as 'Hap-Reset'. In my vision they were shown together, tying the two plants of Upper and Lower Egypt into a knot symbolising the union of Upper and Lower Egypt. This symbolises us tying together our spiritual world and our physical world and the sacred marriage of the inner masculine and feminine, the full development of the masculine and feminine chakra system. Hapi was an androgynous Being meaning he had attained the union of masculine and feminine within, which is what each of us are doing as we spiritually evolve into the higher beings of higher consciousness. These light codes are for activating inner union showing there is no separation between your heavenly and earthly self. This initiates purpose and mission.

Inner Union and the Pyramidal Self

There was another significant vision that was given to me while bringing through this transmission and that was of the Pharaoh who stood in front of a new city or world that he was building. The Pharaoh is one who has attained the spiritual degree of High Priest, so he is a highly evolved spiritual being on Earth. We tend to know the Pharaoh as being King although it actually doesn't mean King, but the Pharaoh is someone who has inner authority. The word “pharaoh” means “Great House,” which really means one who has ruler ship over his inner temple and not so much about the great house to which he resides as we are told. The Pharaoh was the religious leader of the Egyptians, so the pharaoh was considered the divine intermediary between the gods and Egyptians. What we can understand from this is that the Pharaoh was an earthly embodiment of his higher self and in this vision he was showing us that there is a new world being built. I could see modern day construction equipment building pyramids. In this instance it is symbolising the personal pyramid... you... your own pyramidal self.

Imagine that you fully develop your inner masculine and feminine chakra system, then bring them into harmony and union and you too become like the pharaoh and attain inner authority and ruler ship over the lower self.

These light codes are activating that part of you that is creating or building a new inner spiritual environment, one that is in union with both your spiritual and earthly self... your upper and lower bodies.

How better to learn about the true wisdom of the ancients than to experience it within yourself and learn the about the mysteries the ancients were trying to show us, is not history but inner mystery..... join us in Egypt for 11.11 and The Light Codes activation for Inner Union are available here

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