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4 Steps to Awakening your Third Eye

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

you must attain inner union before you can fully awaken and balance the third eye
Union and the Third Eye

The Healing Journey to Awaken your Third Eye

Awakening your third eye, is a healing journey and not one where we should just decide to undertake a bunch of exercises in order to open it. You might be successful, but if you are not healed enough and in balance, what are you going to see, what dimension or realm are you going to see into? It can be a scary thing and for what reason do you want to have an awakened third eye? Is is for power or is it because you want to have attained inner union and the gifts that come with that? That's what this article is really all about...

Every Monday I run a series of light codes transmissions. I don't decide what I'm going to do, I don't have a theme, I work with the divine and the divine initiates what comes through. In this way, I have stepped aside from my ego and trust that what comes through is for the good of the collective. This is a mission for the collective to receive the light codes relevant for this particular time and the times ahead.

The previous transmission was about attaining inner union, and this is the beautiful thing. I hand over my trust in the divine and each week, we get to see that we are actually working step by step toward a certain destination. This transmission goes on from the previous one and so on. We need to attain inner union, that is, we need to fully develop the masculine and feminine chakras in each chakra and then we need to find balance and harmony with the masculine and the feminine in each chakra and then we find union with the masculine and feminine. This is the inner journey and I want to point out here, that all of those who are seeking twin flames, should first of all seek this journey. We are each our own twin flame first and foremost and unless we have inner union we are wasting our time trying to find union with what we term the twin flame, but that is for another post. This one seeks to show us where we are at collectively now on this inner journey. Now when I say collectively, I don't mean everyone in the collective is ready for this, but rather those who are ready are able to use these transmissions to help them activate them. Light Codes need to be sound activated and that is what these transmissions are for. Firstly they awaken them and then they activate them within your cells awakening cellular memory and the wisdoms held within begin to move in accordance with what is awakening in you. No ego needed!

So during the process of channeling the light codes I usually see visions. These visions are the way I receive messages, they come from my "awakened third eye" that has awakened naturally through the process of attaining full inner union, like Hapi the Egyptian god of the Nile. The visions come in a specific sequence, that spells out a sentence or a story, a little like the hieroglyphs in the ancient Egyptian times. These are my awakened memories of my ancient self from those times. If you look at the walls of the temples of Ancient Egypt, they are full of hieroglyphs that spell out a story through the "picture" symbols. That is really the same as what I am doing, it's just my ancient wisdom's talking through me in pictures.

4 Steps to Awakening your Third Eye

The first vision given to me with this light codes transmission leading us toward the message of how to awaken and activate the third eye was a vision of a masculine and feminine holding hands. I just see the hands being held. So.....

Step 1, the message is that you must attain the union of the masculine and the feminine.

The second vision was of the hands being held and in the middle was a vision of a fire pit filled with hot coals.

Step 2, you must burn off all the dross through the kundalini fire so you can be a pure and clear channel.

The third vision given to me was removed of the hot coals and in place of that was an eye.

Step 3, the purified state of the unified masculine and feminine is what is required for the awakening of the third eye.

The fourth vision given to me was of an octagonal table with many masters sitting around it. I wondered why it was octagonal and then I realised there are 8 Lords of Karma, so this vision was showing me the role of the ascended masters that were sitting ready to give wise counsel. The mantra that was coming through roughly translated into English means to seek counsel. So, I knew then that the message was showing that you must have cleared enough karma to be worthy of such a gift as attaining and working with an awakened third eye.

Step 4, to take personal responsibility and clear your karma.

So you see there are no short cuts to awakening the brow chakra. I am shown 4 steps, but those steps take inner work to get there. Work with the Light Codes to help you awaken them, but if you want to fully develop your chakra system and come into full inner union, please check out the LUXOR Light Ascension program, you will most definitely be worthy when you complete the program and work with the ascended masters, accepting that there are no short cuts. It's easy only for those who are willing to fully commit to their own inner mastery.

Open Third Eye Experiences from these Light Codes

  • Thank you @Christina Ritchie .... Must say last night's meditation was very powerful, took me back to ancient Egypt to the point I could see myself buried in one of the pyramids and being shown a lot of hieroglyphics symbols ....Nikki

  • At the beginning I saw the faint image of half the face of a lion the other side hidden. Next an enormous spacious very dark bottomless underground cavern inside which was a huge dark vortex taking up the whole space with a wiggly tail dropping out of sight to the bottom. The the light started to filter in from the top and opened out to a view of distant hills / mountains, bathed in blinding sunshine and fresh green grass.... Nora (this is the human story. The Lion is the Light, the Christ / Sirian energies. The hidden face is the ego. The darkness takes up too much space within until you allow the light in and when we do, beautiful new growth, new earth, new world appears. You were shown a wisdom of our journey as the human)

  • Fantastic write up! Thank you!!!!!! This was beyond perfectly aligned with my messages prior to these light codes today. Such Divine validation. I am so open now. It’s been a journey, but the Luxor Light Ascension program has been soul changing for me! Thank you! Thank you for sharing your gifts @Christina.... Marcela

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