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Chakras of Egypt

Updated: Apr 11

pyramids and cosmos
The entire Cosmos in Egypt

The Wisdom of Egypt

This post is long, but I know that those of you who are feeling the call to understand the yearning to return to Egypt this lifetime, will come back to this article time and time again. Persevere, it's worth it as it begins to awaken codes within you as you read along. Please note that any text you encounter in bold, is simply highlighted because I wish to write about that topic in the future. And also note, you may not resonate with my ideas but as you read, please remember these are concepts I resonate with, but they are not necessarily truths. They are not historic notes, nor am I, an Egyptologist. Much of what I have written comes from what I have understood over my 20 years in Egypt and my feelings deep within. I am not claiming them as truths, I am merely sharing what resonates within me, and after all, it's 10 thousand years or so ago and the reality is, much is godly myths, and no one really knows.... but read on, you just might resonate with it also...

Once you've been to Egypt it is very hard to get Egypt out of you. Once many years ago, an old blind Holy man from the West Bank of Luxor told me that everyone has passed through Egypt in some life, because Egypt is the Motherland. I totally resonate with that and believe that at some point this life or another She will call you home, just like she did me.

Egypt is a land filled with ancient wisdom; holding secrets that resonate deep within all of us, like the Nile symbolically referred to as the spine of Egypt because it runs right through the centre of Egypt dividing it into East Bank and the West Banks of the Nile. The Nile sustains life in Egypt, just like the spine supports our physical body and is the pathway that our chakras follow. The Nile is like a living energy system, and as a reflection of cosmic order winding its way through this Sacred Land, it must have a chakra system.

house with chakras
Even your home has chakras

I can find chakras everywhere, it's just a natural part of my consciousness to imagine everything with a chakra, whether it is my home, a town, a city, or a country, and the river Nile is the perfect example of the central column of Egypt. Imagine your house with a chakra system and think about where the room placements are and how that could be affecting your life!!!!

The Nile is also often referred to as the "Soul" of Egypt. It is the lifeblood of Egypt that brings sustenance to the land and the people. Without the Nile, Egypt would not exist just like we would not exist without our Soul. The waters of the Nile bring life to the desert and nurtures the crops that support the life of the people and just like a soul to our heart, the Nile breathes life into the heart of Egypt.

Hapi God of the Nile

Hapi bringing union to the lands
Hapi god of the Nile

Ancient Egyptians revered the Nile as a divine force, and worshipped Hapi, God of the Nile. Hapi symbolised abundance, fertility, and the river’s life-giving properties. Hapi is usually depicted as an androgynous being with a big belly and large drooping breasts. He symbolises the balance of the masculine and the feminine reflected in the harmonising cycle of the Nile's flooding. His skin is often green or blue symbolising water and the life-giving properties of the river. He is also usually shown with a clump of papyrus on his head and lotus stalks, emphasising his connection to the Nile's vegetation. He is often seen tying together the papyrus and the lotus stalks as he unifies the two lands, both Upper and Lower Egypt. He is a beautiful symbol of bringing Unity to the lands. Papyrus is from Lower Egypt in the north and the Lotus is from Upper Egypt in the south.

When we embark upon our spiritual journey of ascension, we begin to develop a masculine and feminine chakra system. In the fourth dimension our chakras are alternate masculine and feminine as they climb up our central column. But once we enter into the fifth dimensional initiations, we begin to develop both masculine and feminine energies in every chakra. Once we are fully holding 6th dimensional consciousness, we have a fully developed masculine and feminine chakra system. This means our chakras have become androgynous just like Hapi. We then continue our journey into higher consciousness through awakening the higher dimensional chakras as we work on coming into full inner union and attaining inner harmony.

The Nile therefore as the chakra system supports us in developing our masculine and feminine chakra system. The Nile flows north, up through the centre of Egypt just like the Kundalini serpent awakening chakras as it rises. If you are aligned, you will feel the energies humming through your body as you align with the purpose of the temple. Find your stillness before you enter the temple. Ask the spirit of the temple for permission to enter and hold your stillness, do not be shaken by the crowds the energy is still there, you only need to have inner stillness to feel it and allow it to do its work on you. I've had many people experience strong activations from the temples on their very first visit. In fact, the first visits are the strongest if you are ready and subsequent visits fill you up and recharge you.

The Temples of the Nile

The Temples along the Nile were gateways to spiritual transformation. They were and still are like generators of energy charging us with codes transferred from the Stars. In Ancient Egypt the temples built along the Nile were honoured for their spiritual essence with rituals and festivals.

mound of Creation
Standing on the mound of Creation in Luxor Temple

Imagine the possibility of the temples along the Nile being chakras in alignment with the Milky Way, receiving light giving consciousness to all who placed their feet within their walls for thousands and thousands of years.

I have always found the connection between the Chakras and the Nile Temples fascinating, and while it is only a theory not a fact, I have always resonated with the concept of the Nile temples and the chakras. I decided to revisit my interest in this, and while years ago, I had a more simplified view, this time, going back into it, I now see it differently and I love the feel of the Kundalini serpent winding its way up the Nile and entwining its way through the temples as if they were chakras. It can be no coincidence that the themes of the temples and the themes of the chakras connect rather efficiently. Knowing this can add purpose and fun to your next visit to Egypt by setting your intention to embark upon an initiation journey of your own.

papyrus of Nut and Geb
Nut represents the Milky Way and Geb the hills and valleys on Earth

In this post I want to look at the connections between the Chakras and Nile Temples, the Pyramids, and the Sphinx. The pyramids connection to Orion's Belt. Isis and the Star Sirius, the Milky Way and Nut and Geb, and how it all interacts with becoming androgynous and our journey into Higher Consciousness.

Let's begin with Nut and Geb.

Nut, The Cosmic Sky Goddess

In the pantheon of ancient Egypt, Nut stands as the revered goddess of the sky, stars, cosmos, mother, astronomy, and the universe. Her ethereal presence weaves through the fabric of creation, connecting the heavens to the earth.

Nut is often depicted arching gracefully over the Earth with stars covering her body. It is suggested that she is the Milky Way itself as the celestial image of Nut, a luminous bridge between the mundane and the transcendent. Her form stretches across the vast expanse, cradling the world below in her cosmic embrace. She is both the vessel of life and the gateway to eternity.

Egyptologists believe that Nut was originally worshiped by the early tribes of the Nile Valley. In Lower Egypt (in the North), the Milky Way was revered as Nut’s celestial manifestation. She emerged from the primordial union of Shu, the god of air, and Tefnut, the goddess of moisture. Their divine lineage birthed Nut as the sky itself, while her brother Geb became the god of the earth.

Shu Nut and Geb
Shu Separating Nut and Geb

In the great myth of creation, Nut and Geb shared a passionate love. Their embrace was so intense that nothing could come between them. But jealousy stirred in the heart of Shu, who separated the lovers. Shu became the air that flowed between the sky and the earth, creating the necessary space for existence and Nut (sky) and Geb (earth) were separated.

But it was too late Nut was already pregnant and she gave birth to her celestial family. The stars, planets, and heavenly bodies were her children. Each night, her children adorned her luminous form, a testament to her divine fertility. Despite a curse from her father, Shu which left her barren, Nut’s cosmic womb remained abundant.

During the day, Nut and Geb would part ways, leaving the sky unobstructed and her absence blankets the world in light. Then at dusk, Nut descends to Earth, meeting Geb and her touch brings twilight, and her union with Geb births the stars again.

Nut is the mother of Ra, the sun god. Ra traverses her celestial body every day, using her arch as a pathway. Every night, Nut swallows Ra, only to give birth to him again at dawn. And so, she carries on with the cosmic cycle, ensuring the sun’s rebirth and the continuity of life.

Nut stretches across the sky mirroring the earthly landscape and emphasising the great unity of the cosmos. The Milky Way reminds us of Nut’s eternal embrace as the divine and the mundane dance together, echoing the ancient saying “As above, so below.”

Nut’s cosmic wisdom guides our consciousness, bridging our inner world with the external world.

Nut is the mother of Isis and that leads us to the Nile Temples....

Chakras of Egypt, the Temples and the Pyramids

Omega Chakra - Philae Island - Gateway to the Goddess.

original island of Philae and hte gateway to Isis Temple
Gateway to Isis: the Omega Chakra

The Omega chakra can be seen as the Gateway to the Goddess. She governs our Soul's pathway and births our gifts passed down from Alpha to be integrated into the Earths Grid to make them manifest. Omega is both the Goddess Nut, Mother of Isis, and Isis herself drawing on the consciousness of the Cosmos through the Milky Way. This is the place for birthing new ideas and making them manifest and is the physical location of the etheric temple of Nut, the consciousness of the Milky Way where Nut oversees the role of Isis.

Philae, Cosmic Mother and Divine Mother.

(please remember these are my theories, this is not Egyptology, open your mind and explore the possibilities).

The Temple of Isis was relocated to Agilika Island near Aswan, back in the 1960's. The temple dedicated to Isis originally stood on the Island of Philae but was relocated to save it from floodwaters caused by the construction of the Aswan High Dam. All that is left now is the Gateway which in itself is really very significant. The Gateway stands like a portal to another world, which it is, a connection to the Star Sirius which is known as the home of Isis.

Philae, the Earth Star (Omega) nurturing the seeds of creation waiting eternally for Reunion with Osiris, the Soul Star (Alpha) when Unity Consciousness is attained for humanity, and Heaven and Earth become one.

Base Chakra - The Temple of Isis - Agilika Island

Temple of Isis
Isis Temple on the Island of Angilika

The journey continues at the Temple of Isis, now on Agilika Island, where the base chakra is activated. Here, you the initiate can ground yourself, going beyond struggle and the primal forces of survival while being held in the loving energetic embrace of the Divine Mother, as you activate the goddess within.

Sacral chakra - Kom Ombo - Temple of Horus and Sobek

Kom Ombo resonates strongly with the sacral chakra, while at the same time bridging both the base and sacral chakras, inviting us to explore the interaction of earthly and spiritual energies within its sacred walls. The crocodile, being a creature of both land and water, symbolises the connection between the elements of both earth and water. Here we can explore the mysteries of creativity, sensuality, and emotional flow, face our fears and find the balance of opposites, the ego and the Higher Self.

Kom Ombo is a dual temple helping us to heal duality! It is dedicated to two ancient Egyptian Gods, Sobek the crocodile god associated with fertility and protection and Horus the Elder, the Flacon headed god associated with healing and wisdom. Sobek, the crocodile god, embodies aspects of primal instincts, survival, and fertility which correspond to the base chakra. He is symbolic of the ego.

Horus the Elder is associated with healing and wisdom and aligns with the sacral chakra’s transformative energies. Horus the Elder represents the Higher Self, higher vision and spiritual insight that is attainable once we master the emotional realm connected to the sacral chakra.

Temple of Sobek and Horus
Temple of Kom Ombo

Kom Ombo Temple dedicated to Sobek and Horus creates a unique balance with Sobek’s connection to fertility and survival resonating with the base chakra, and Horus’s wisdom aligning with the sacral chakra. Together, they harmonise primal instincts, creativity, and spiritual growth and we are on our way to healing duality!

I'm loving the intertwining nature of the chakras as they are not separate as we climb up, but rather merging into each other. They remind me of the Kundalini serpent. In fact, when you enter Kom Ombo temple, in either side of the entrances there are two serpents winding up to the top of the temple.

Solar Plexus Chakra - Edfu - Temple of Horus

Temple of Edfu
Entering Edfu

I used to attribute Luxor Temple to the Solar Plexus (Manipura) but as I have tuned in this time, I am finding this beautiful overlapping as I mentioned earlier, and I see the relevance of Edfu and the solar plexus.

The Temple of Edfu, resonates with both the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra. The sacral chakra governs creativity, emotions and sensuality and is known as the relationship chakra. This is to do with all types of relationships, self, family, friends, lovers, co-workers and so on. Edfu Temple, dedicated to the god Horus, embodies aspects of creativity and

emotional expression and I call it the Temple of the Sacred Marriage due to the fact that Hathor would travel every year to renew her marriage vowels with her Beloved Horus. And Horus, represents higher vision and spiritual insight which comes when we heal the emotional body. The sacral chakra is connected to the emotional body.

The solar plexus chakra embodies confidence, strength, and personal power. Edfu Temple’s grandeur, colossal pylons, and intricate carvings evoke a sense of structure and inner fire. Horus the Elder, associated with healing and wisdom, aligns with the solar plexus’s transformative energies and the temple’s design amplifies and utilises energy, like the solar plexus’s radiant fire. So, we can see that Edfu Temple intermingles with both the sacral and solar plexus energies, inviting us to explore our creative potential, heal our relationships and find inner strength within its sacred walls.

Etheric Body - Esna Temple - Potter God Khnum

Temple of Esna
Esna Temple of Khnum

The etheric body shares a deep connection with the lower three chakras.

The Base Chakra is the foundation of our energy system and when it is balanced, the etheric field resonates harmoniously with our physical.

The sacral chakra located in the lower abdomen is the seat of creativity, emotions, and sensuality. It allows the etheric body to express itself through emotions, relationships, and creativity. When it is balanced, the etheric field flows freely.

The Solar Plexus Chakra resides above the navel. It embodies our willpower, confidence, and self-esteem. It infuses the etheric body with the fire of determination and purpose, and it is balanced it becomes like an inner sun illuminating the etheric field and empowering our actions.

The alignment of the lower three chakras guarantees an active exchange of energies, nurturing health, creativity and vitality between our earthly self and our spiritual essence so we can flourish in both realms.

The Temple of Esna is dedicated to the god Khnum, the potter god with head of a ram. His creation process connects us to the concepts of the Ka body and the etheric body. Khnum was associated with the source of the Nile and in Ancient Egyptian belief, he molded the human body from clay on a potter's wheel and then placed them in the mother's womb, ready for birth.

The Ka Body

In Ancient Egyptian spirituality, the Ka body, also known as the spiritual twin, or etheric double, mirrors the physical body in size and shape and connects us to higher realms. The Ka body survives beyond physical death.

The Etheric Body

The etheric body is the densest layer of our aura and closest to our body and when your psychic sight is developed you can see it like a colouring in line around the physical body. It influences our bodily sensations, such as pain and pleasure. The etheric is closely related to the base chakra and is considered our metaphysical twin, with an etheric counterpart for each physical organ.

When Khnum molded the human body with clay on the potter's wheel, the clay represented the physical body and the energetic blueprint, similar to the etheric body. The Ka, as the Spiritual Twin, may be seen as the energetic template that Khnum used while shaping the physical form. Khnum’s act of creation involved both the physical and the subtle, bridging the gap between matter and spirit.

Khnum’s potter’s wheel symbolises the interaction of the physical and energetic realms. The Ka and the etheric body represent the unseen forces that pour life into our clay vessels, connecting us to the divine creation of existence.

In this, we can see the significance of Esna Temple in this position, as it links all the lower three chakra temples together.

Solar Plexus Chakra - Luxor - Temple of Luxor - Heart Chakra

Temple of Luxor
Ascension Temple of Luxor

The Temple of Luxor has a very significant purpose. It is not only the solar plexus chakra of Egypt, but the Etheric Ascension Temple that is overlayed upon the physical temple. Here sacredness of the temple shows us the importance the ancient Egyptians had of solar worship. The sun symbolises life, illumination, and divine power, just as the solar plexus is associated with personal power, confidence and transformation, helping us to connect with inner strength and vitality.

As the Ascension temple, it is here we are tested in how to move through the inner chaos and into harmony with ourselves and our environment. In my heart, Luxor Temple is the most important temple in all of Egypt. It is here that we are able to connect more fully with the ascension temple that is held in the etheric over the physcial temple of Luxor. Here through the flames of ascension we are able to burn off the dross of the lower chakras and move fluidly into the heart and beyond, so it also holds a connection to the Heart chakra.

Serapis Bey

Serapis Bey giving initiation
Serapis Bey in the Ascension Temple

Serapis Bey, the Chohan of the Fourth Ray, is intrinsically linked to the ascension flame, and this connection resonates with the heart chakra. The ascension flame represents a higher vibrational energy that transcends physical limitations. It is the white light of the Mother energy, residing at the base-of-the-spine chakra.

The Heart Chakra (Anahata) is located in the center of the chest. It is the fourth chakra and governs our ability to love and connect with others. When our heart chakra is balanced, we experience compassion, love, harmony, and emotional openness. An imbalanced heart chakra may lead to feelings of loneliness, jealousy, anger, and resentment.

In a previous incarnation during Atlantis, Serapis Bey served as a high priest in the Ascension Temple. Before Atlantis sank, Serapis carried the focus of the ascension flame to Luxor, Egypt. In Luxor, he established an etheric Ascension Temple where seekers undergo initiations and the last judgment for ascension. Serapis had and incarnation as Amenhotep III and in this incarnation, he initiated the building of the physical temple of Luxor around 1400 BCE during the Eighteenth Dynasty.

The heart chakra being the core of the ascension process, connects us to the Cosmic Heart, known as the threefold flame of life, that resides within the heart centre. Serapis Bey’s journey from Atlantis to Luxor symbolises the transfer of the ascension flame — a divine fire that ignites within our hearts, urging us toward spiritual mastery and inner peace.

So, while Luxor Temple is known as the solar plexus of Egypt, it is also the beginning of the journey through the Heart, the bridge between worlds and therefore the Heart Chakra as we weave our way up through the chakra system of Egypt.

Just as the heart chakra harmonises love, compassion, and connection, Luxor Temple embodies the meeting of Masculine and Feminine energies. The Alpha and the Omega, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine coexist here in full union encouraging that inner union within ourself. The temple’s design allows the energies from the Great Cosmos and the rising natural energy to harmonise, aligning our inner energy with the universe. As Above so Below.

Luxor Temple resonates with Masculine Energy. Like the solar plexus chakra, which represents structure and confidence, the temple stands as a powerful stone structure that activates the inner fire of our solar plexus helping us come into our full power and open to our true purpose.

When visitors enter the temple, they may feel the meeting of energies, helping to free inner blockages allowing us through the strength of the solar plexus, to find the compassion of our heart chakra inviting us to awaken our hearts and find harmony within. This was the intention of Serapis Bey’s mission to rekindle the sacred fire within the hearts of humanity.

Serapis embodies the quality of purity, essential for the ascension process and the quality of joy even though he is a serious disciplinarian. He is called the Great Disciplinarian. His focus is on guiding souls toward their ultimate goal in achieving their ascension. Serapis' flame burns eternally, urging us toward spiritual mastery and the path of ascension through Christ Consciousness of a different pathway.

Heart Chakra - Dendera - Abydos - Higher Heart

Temple of Hathor
Hathor Temple Dendera

Dendera and Abydos temples are aligned with the heart chakra. Love, compassion, and unity unfold within their sacred walls. Hathor Temple in Dendera is dedicated to the goddess Hathor. Hathor embodies love, beauty, and joy and symbolises the nurturing and compassionate aspects of the heart chakra. Hathor Temple is a favourite of everyone with her harmonious energies that tend to evoke feelings of love, healing, and connection.

The Higher Heart also known as the thymus Chakra, is found midway between the heart chakra and the throat chakra. It bridges the gap between reason (throat chakra) and heart emotions (heart chakra) and is associated with acceptance, compassion, and inner peace. It is a gateway to the Higher Realms.

Osirian Temple,
The Osirian, Abydos

Abydos is the home of the Temple of Osiris, God of the afterlife, representing resurrection, transformation, and the eternal cycle of life and death. The Osirian located behind the temple of Seti I, aligns with the heart chakra’s themes of love, healing, and spiritual rebirth, making it a gateway to the Higher Realms. Just like activating the Higher Heart, you may experience a sensation of energies pulsing from the heart chakra up to the throat chakra. This is the passage to the higher chakras and the higher dimensions. The Thymus chakra itself is an emotional body chakra that is significant in keeping our immune system strong. Once we have fully activated the masculine and feminine chakra system at the fifth dimension, we pass into the sixth dimension where the thymus then becomes fully activated. Once the Thymus chakra is fully activated, we are able to transition into the Higher Realms and it is now the Higher Heart or the Christ Chakra. This fits beautifully with the theme of Osiris, God of the Afterlife and Resurrection, fitting with the Higher Hearts other name, the Christ Chakra.

Osiris as the Christ Light

There are similarities between Osiris and Christ, both are associated with life after death, and Osiris’s cross known as the Ankh symbolises eternal life. The Ankh also symbolises union of the masculine and feminine. Osiris representing the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth can be seen as a cosmic force that transcends earthly existence. In this sense, Abydos also resonates with the Higher Heart, also known as the Christ Chakra due to its connection to higher consciousness. I see the thymus chakra as the chakra of loving compassion, bridging the heart and the throat, encouraging conscious intent to form before speaking. It is here that we can connect with deeper truths and initiate spiritual awakening.

Both Hathor Temple and Abydos intertwine heart-centered energies, whether through the heart chakra’s compassion or the Higher Heart Chakra’s bridge to higher consciousness.

Throat Chakra - Giza Plateau - Menkaure Pyramid and Valley Temple

Smallest pyramid
Pyramid of Menkaure

I personally attribute the smallest of the three pyramids on the Giza Plateau, the pyramid of Menkaure to the throat chakra. My reason for this is because it is the smallest and the throat chakra is the narrowest channel on the way up to the pinnacle at the crown. Many challenges must be faced at the throat before we can transcend into the final two chakras. Also, as we meet the challenges of the throat as we move through initiations to transition into the fifth dimension, it is often a dark night of the soul, and a death rebirth phase takes place. Here we can prepare to move through an initiation to take us onward to the higher chakras. It makes sense to me, that the three higher chakras would be located in the same region. Menkaure named his pyramid "Menkaure is Divine". As the throat chakra, it is the passageway to the divine, and pyramids as energetic generators, encourage us to forever strive upwards toward the Divine. By the time you reach the throat chakra initiations you are indeed coming to the final stages of building your own personal pyramid of higher consciousness.

The pyramids of Giza are aligned with Orion's Belt. Orion's Belt is said to be the resting place of Osiris. Osiris, the Ancient Egyptian god of death, resurrection and eternal life. The three stars of Orion's Belt are symbolised by the three wise men bearing gifts for the Christ Child or you could say bearing gifts of Christ Consciousness. They symbolise creative power (Menkaure), protection (Khafre) and guidance (Khufu). The three stars symbolise the stages of transformation and rebirth. In this way we can see the significance of the higher three chakras, the throat, brow and crown chakras. Let's go further....

Third Eye Chakra - Khafre Pyramid

Pyramid and Sphinx
Pyramid of Khafre

At Khafre pyramid, we, as the initiate can connect with inner vision and intuition symbolised by the Great Sphinx being within the area of Khafre's pyramid grounds. This connects the Pharaoh as mediator between the celestial and earthly realms.

Khafre's pyramid is also possibly the connection to Orion's belt that symbolises protection. In the Valley Temple of Khafre there is a statue that shows Khafre wearing the headdress with the cobra (uraeus) and behind his head is a falcon symbolising the god Horus with his wings outspread protecting him. The left Eye of Horus is known as the Wadjet eye and represents well-being, healing and protection.

Crown Chakra - Sphinx

Right next to the causeway leading from Khafre’s valley temple to the mortuary temple stands the Great Sphinx. The body of a Lion and the head of a King, the fusion of the powerful lion with the Pharoah's Head shows Khafre's connection to both heavenly bodies the sun and the horizon. Here we can activate the crown chakra, allowing you the initiate the merge with cosmic consciousness.

The crown chakra located at the top of the head is associated with spiritual enlightenment, higher consciousness and divine connection. When the crown chakra is balanced and open, we have access to the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are often described as a cosmic library or database that holds information about every soul and their journey throughout time, including past lives, present experiences and potential future paths. Somewhere a very long time ago, I came across some information that suggested the Akashic Records were buried beneath the Sphinx. I resonate with the theory that they are interconnected.

The Sphinx stands like a guardian overseeing the Giza Pyramids, just like a father would oversee the well-being of his children. The Sphinx is associated with the sun god Ra and represents the balance between intellect (human head) and instincts (lion body). The Sphinx embodies wisdom and hidden knowledge, while the Akashic records hold universal wisdom accessible to seekers. The Sphinx’s mysteries and the Akashic records’ cosmic library both symbolise deeper truths waiting to be uncovered. The third quality of Orion's Belt was Guidance. The crown chakra is certainly connected to the concept of higher guidance and the Sphinx with all his hidden knowledge would be a true guide for us on our journey.

The Sphinx
The Sphinx - the Brow Chakra

The Sphinx may have a connection with the star Sirius, and the Lion Beings of Sirius. The connection between Sirius and the Lion is a very interesting possibility. Sirius, also known as the Dog Star, is the brightest star in the night sky. In ancient Egyptian cosmology, Sirius' annual heliacal rising (when it first becomes visible just before dawn) coincided with the flooding of the Nile River, marking the beginning of the agricultural season which happens around July 26th, which aligns with the opening of the Sirius Stargate, also known as the Lion’s Gate. This timing corresponds to the Sun’s entry into the zodiac sign of Leo. The constellation of Leo is represented by the celestial lion guarding the entrance to the Sirius Stargate. According to esoteric teachings and channeled information, there exists a race of extraterrestrial beings associated with Sirius known as the Lion People. These Lion Beings are said to have connections to the Blue Lodge on Sirius A. They have acted as guardians and benefactors of Earth for thousands of years, even preceding the lost civilization of Atlantis. The Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, the goddess with the body of a woman and the head of a lioness, could well be from the Lion Beings of Sirius. Sekhmet is a goddess of fierce power and also embodies strong healing energy. She is associated with war, destruction, and transformation, as well as with healing and protection. It is possible that Sekhmet and the Lion Beings are from the same lineage, sharing the same energetic resonance, connecting ancient Egypt with cosmic influences.

The Sphinx, with its lion body and alignment with Sirius, the Lion’s Gate, and the Lion Beings opening the door to Heaven's (Lion's) Gate must certainly be connected to the Crown Chakra. The Lion has long been associated with the Christ and Christ Consciousness. The crown chakra opens us to a sense of unity and oneness, which aligns with Christ Consciousness helping us to recognise that we are all interconnected and part of a greater whole. The energy flowing through the crown chakra facilitates our connection to God and the heavenly realms. It allows us to experience the divine presence within and around us. When the crown chakra is open and balanced, we raise our levels of consciousness leading to us to greater inner knowing about our existence, spirituality and our soul's purpose. Christ Consciousness resonates with the energy of the crown chakra, emphasising unity, divine connection, and expanded awareness.

The crown chakra serves as our bridge to the divine, just like the Sphinx with its connection to the sun and the horizon activating. The Sphinx can activate the crown chakra, allowing you the initiate the merge with cosmic consciousness so you can experience the presence of God and tap into your inner wisdom. Whether we call it Christ Consciousness or universal consciousness, it invites us to embrace love, compassion, and spiritual awakening.

Alpha Chakra - Khufu or Cheops - Soul Star

Khufu Pyramid
The Great Pyramid of Giza, Cheops

The Alpha Chakra would be the full connection to Orion's Belt, Osiris himself, the one who directs us toward our Soul Purpose and Soul's mission. With all three stars we have the trinity energy itself, the three wise men holding our gifts of enlightenment.

The Nile chakra temples can be seen as maps to enlightenment, in some way aligned with star consciousness and that we, too, are temples - microcosms reflecting the divine order of the universe.

And it was that at the fall of Atlantis Osiris as Serapis brought the Ascension flame to preserve it until Humanity was ready, and here we are ready and wanting to rise in consciousness, accessing the purity of the flame of ascension housed in the Etheric above the temple of Luxor.

Allow the wisdom that flows through the temple chakras of Egypt awaken the chakras that flow through your own inner temples.

For in god's house there are many mansions meaning our bodies are temples, and we too have many mansions (chakras).

Hermes and Egypt as Heaven on Earth

pyramids, river, cosmos AI art
Imagine the entire Cosmos existing in Egypt

Hermes suggested that Egypt is an image of Heaven where all the celestial operations and powers that govern and work in Heaven have been transferred to Earth within Egypt. It's like the entire cosmos dwells in Egypt as if it were a sanctuary. The Lament of Hermes captures the essence of Egypt’s spiritual significance and its eventual decline, reminding us about the concept of impermanence, cycles, and the need for inner transformation. If we activate that inner transformation, maybe we can turn things around and create the New Earth. With the Nile Chakras aligning with the Milky Way and the Stars, we can see how indeed the powers of Heaven were transferred to Earth within Egypt and within Egypt we can reactivate those Heavenly powers here by first of all purifying our own chakra systems and then realigning with the Chakras of Egypt and the Milky Way. We do not have to do anything to Egypt, we only have to focus on our own inner transformation. When we do that the natural cause and effect will all be interconnected and so the return to Heaven on Earth will take place in Egypt and the World will follow.

Since 2020 spiritually focused people have been flooding back to Egypt in far greater numbers than before. They are answering the Call to allow Egypt to reawaken them, and to realign with the chakras of the Nile, and reconnect with the mother consciousness of the Milky Way. Nut, as the Milky Way arches over the Earth, protecting and nurturing, inspiring us in our quest for greater understanding.

The Egyptian Tree of Life

Egyptian Tree of Life
The Nile as the Tree of Life

The Nile River can indeed be seen as a symbolic representation of the Tree of Life. It symbolises the hierarchical chain of events that brought everything into existence, from atoms to galaxies. This sacred tree depicts both the physical reality (from atoms to galaxies) and the spiritual anatomy of humans. The first mother and father, Geb and Nut, (earth and sky), are shown emerging from the acacia tree of Iusaaset, which the Egyptians considered to be the Tree of Life. Just as the Nile flows continuously, the Tree of Life represents eternal life and the cyclical nature of existence. The Nile’s annual flooding brought fertile soil, for crops that support life, like the Tree of Life symbolising creation and sustenance. The branches of the Nile can be linked to the branches of the Tree of Life.

Even the Sun God Ra was associated with the Nile, bringing new life each day and the leaves of the Tree of Life were said to represent the rays of sunlight. As the Nile’s floods renewed the land, the Tree of Life became a symbol of hope and rebirth.

Ancient Egyptian Prophecy

There is an ancient Egyptian prophecy called the Oracle of the Lamb, that said humanity would fall into the ways of Set, representing the forces of chaos created through the ego-mind and during this time, people would forget the ancient ways of divine connection. However, with the awakening of Horus, (the spirit), a different era would dawn. Following Horus, there would be another golden period called the return of Osiris (Christ Consciousness), symbolising the return of the divine heart. The Oracle of the Lamb was written on a papyrus around 27BC to 14AD during the reign of the Roman Emperor Augustus. Many of the esoteric teachers spoke of Egypt as holding cosmic wisdom within the temples and pyramids, with the hieroglyphs holding the codes for initiation, and inner transformation.

Thoth’s Prophecy

Thoths Prophecy
Egypt Awakening Humanity

Thoth's prophecy speaks of spiritual awakening and transformation, aligning with the idea that Egypt holds the keys to higher consciousness. “As above, so below” suggests that cosmic patterns mirror earthly events and Egypt may indeed play a role in the awakening of Humanity.

I believe Egypt still the holds the keys to awaken Humanity. The Call to return to Egypt, is for those who are ready to be reawakened and activated to a higher level, we only had to be ready to receive the wisdom it holds. Until now Humanity was not ready and if you are not ready, it will not happen for you, but if you have prepared and gone through the inner fires of transformation, Egypt will activate you and there we have it that the transformation that can be received from the codes held within the Nile Temples and the Pyramids will awaken you to the purpose you hold in carrying the codes within you to help reach those who cannot return to Egypt.

And so, you see, Egypt is Calling you to play your role in awakening Humanity. Once you have fully embodied the wisdom codes, your energy will touch others and so Egypt will begin to awaken in them too.

Secret Whispers of Egyptian Wisdom

Egyptian Sufi Holy Man
The old Blind Holy Man Whispering Secrets of Egypt

Remember at the beginning of this article, I mentioned the old blind Holy man who said everyone had been to Egypt in some life, well, he is not the only one I have heard this from. In the book "A Dossier on Ascension" by Serapis Bey, a channeled book, Serapis also says "everyone must return to Egypt, either in the physical or the spiritual", either way, you will come!

Sheik Jabir reminds me of Serapis Bey as known as "The Egyptian". Maybe there is something in that.

Come to Egypt and connect with me, you will awaken sleeping codes within. If you cannot connect with me, or you cannot come to Egypt, don't worry, I have ways that Egypt can come to you!

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Mar 21
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beautifully written….Egypt remains forever in my soul…



Leanne Burong-Black
Leanne Burong-Black
Mar 20
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Absolutely enlightening 🙏🏽 I resonate profoundly with all you have shared. Thank you so much. Egypt is calling ❤️🥰😍

Christina Ritchie
Christina Ritchie
Mar 20
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