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Connect with your Twin Flame

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Twin flames kissing in the heavens
Connecting with your Twin Flame

Twin Flames Unite

I want to share with you a meditation that helps you to connect with your twin flame that I was guided to bring through in 2017. This meditation not only connects you with your twin soul but initiates a high degree of healing.

In 2004 when I came into full spiritual union within, I connected and began the merger with my twin soul, and I anchored my soul's mission. As I connected with my own soul frequency, I was gifted with another frequency that is to help humanity ascend. This frequency is passed from me to others during an energetic connection through a system that was given to me by Spirit that we call the LUXOR Light Ascension Program. I will write more about this at another time, however, what I did not know then, but I know now, is that this system enables powerful healing for the twin flame journey enabling twin flames to heal and come into full union. Today I simply want to share the twin flame meditation.

LUXOR Light Ascension Symbol given to ChristinA Ritchie in 2004 when she experienced a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening
LUXOR Light Symbol

In this meditation, you will utilise the LUXOR Light symbol to help you to connect with those powerful frequencies. The symbol to the left is called the LUXOR Light symbol. I was gifted this symbol by the divine on 4.4.2004 and shown how to use it for the purpose of healing and shifting in consciousness. In this meditation we will use it to help you access the energies connect with your twin soul for healing purposes. Anyone can do this meditattion, you don't have to be in a twin flame connection, you can connect with your twin soul in the spiritual for the purpose of wholeness.

If you are interested in working with me to help you to go deeper and into higher frequencies, for the purpose of your ascension or the ascension journey of the twin flame, please connect with me

Twin Flame Missions

I'd love to help you understand the purpose of Twin Flames in reality, beyond the human relationship if you would like to go there. You see, I have been in fully spiritual union with my twin flame for a long time, but relaionship on this plane has been a difficult one to establish. I usually say that I'm not in relationship with my twin flame, but that is not completely true. The reality is that when you have full union with your Twin Flame, it is just a different kind of relaitonship. It's not the typical live in co-habit type of scenario for us and yet our love for each other goes beyond understanding in normal terms. Making it fit a human package is simply not possible, so we have spent many years trying to make it fit here, fit there, fit anywhere, but that trying to make it fit just hasn't worked.

Twin Flames must awaken true unconditional love within themselves and the twin flame certainly helps you get there. You have to have unconditional love for your twin flame, because if you don't, you will continue to run and you will get "nowhere"!

Twin Flame Running and Chasing

Have we had the running and chasing? Yes but not in the way that we run from each other and lose contact. We can't, it's not possible to not be in each others lives. Let me explain why in hope that you can see where things are not working in your Twin Flame connection. For starters, you can't make twin flames fit the box. You have to be totally unconditional. You have to love wars and all, whoops, that was a typo, but it's true. Wars or Warts and all, you have to love through it all. You can't talk to a non twin flame about it or they will label it as a toxic relationship, or a trauma bond. The toxicity and the traumatic side only come from the unhealed sides of yourself. There are toxic aspects and there can be traumatic experiences, but only until you both stop and realise that this connection is not going away.

Face the Mirror

You can run, but you cannot hide, instead, stop and face the mirror and if your mirror is not yet ready to see him or herself and the connection, then step back and focus on your own ascension and healing and work towards your own personal mission. That is what twin flames are here for. They are here with a mission to accomplish but most people focus on relationship and the mission gets aborted!

When twin flames put their energy together for the purpose of their mission, amazing things happen. It's as if the whole universe conspires to make it successful. In fact, I'm sure the whole universe is conspiring to make it successful, but it's also up to you to do the work and to keep doing the work. Don't get lacksidaisy or the whole universe will come crashing down on you! Believe me!

The Twin Flame Connection never Goes Away

The Twin Flame connection takes time and they "never" go away. That's how you can tell that you might be in a twin flame connection. I can see that for you if you want to know. The truth is, from what I see in my work, is that most people are not ready for a twin flame reunion because they have not done the work on themselves. I hear people say they have been on the spiritual path for 20 years, but when I look at their energy field, they have not yet done the work required for twin flames to find union. You need to understand the energy field, you need to understand the connection. That is what I teach and that is what I help you to achieve through the LUXOR Light Ascension Program.

The spiritual journey is not about what you know with your head, it is the journey of experience. Don't get lost in information.

Connect with your Twin Flame Meditation

Today I just want to share a meditation to help you to connect with your twin flame, but please subscribe and follow along with my posts and I'll give you more as we journey along together.

Twin Flame Mantra

One of my gifts to humanity is to be able to bring through Mantras of Light to help heal certain concepts. What I want to share with you today is a mantra that can assist you to heal the rift between twin souls. It heals all the way back to the original wound and opens the heart to magnetise the twin flame into your life. That Mantra is "Heru Mah"

Chant the mantra "Heru Mah" while focusing on the connection between the hearts of you and your twin flame.

Til then, I thank you!


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