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12 Top Light Codes for Twin Flames

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Twin flames in union
Twin Flame Light Codes

My top 12 Light Codes for Twin Flames

Not in any particular order, but I decided to do a package for light codes twin flames. These are just some of my Light Codes Activations that benefit twin flames. You will find them at the bottom of this article. Of course they also benefit everyone. Why is that?

Ok, you see, the thing is twin flames; that is those twin flames that are split souls, meaning one soul in two bodies are magnetised to each other for a reason. These split souls, may have at some time in another timeline been one soul, but they split in-between incarnations from the soul group, in order to experience duality as masculine and feminine. To become whole again they forever seek each other out, yearning for that wholeness, the eternal love of the All That Is. But before they can become whole again, they need to become whole within themselves, to come into union with their own inner masculine and feminine. This is something that is available to everyone, with or without a twin flame.

Not everyone has a split soul with the other half wandering the Universe looking for them, but we are in the times of ascension and everyone has the opportunity to ascend if they become whole within themselves. Those that are split souls are due to reunite and become one again, never to have to be two souls again, but to fully unite and have eternal union. But sometimes human life gets in the way and it is not possible for the twin flames to unite as a couple to attain that balance of masculine and feminine by experiencing life together. Any number of things can happen to make that difficult and sometimes impossible. Many writers about twin flames will argue that all twin flames will unite and in one sense they are right, but I will discuss that further down the line. The misconception is that all twin flames will unite as a couple in this life and that in my understanding is not true. Sometimes twin flames are already married when they meet or at least one of them is. They are already experiencing a masculine and feminine balance and although they may be with a soul mate or karmic partner, they are still able to achieve that masculine and feminine balance if they know how to do it. Split twin souls generally need each other to attain that perfect balance and union, but only because they will trigger each other to deeper healing, awaken the kundalini and hopefully rise in consciousness. But married twins are not the only block to twin flames coming together. Your twin flame might be a drug addict, or have other serious reasons that the coming together in relationship would be more damaging than healing. Many twin flames wait for years, putting their life on hold, waiting for something that may never happen, not realising that the purpose of twin flames is about becoming whole again within themselves so they may attain eternal union with the One Source of Creation. If one twin flame ascends and becomes whole within themselves, the other twin flame will also ascend and they will reunite as one, not stay eternally as two separate souls living romantically ever after, that is not the final destination. The purpose of split twin souls is to attain union within, first and foremost. If they need to be in relationship for this to happen, they will, but if they understand that the aim is ascension and if one twin ascends the other will merge with them spiritually, then the mission is complete. The aim is to be happy and whole within yourself. At the end of this incarnation the twin souls ascended will merge back into the monad.

Those without Twin Flames

As we know, we are in the times of ascension, we also know that twin flames assist each other to ascend, by merging the masculine and the feminine, but what most people don't know is that everyone is able to ascend now. That means that everyone has the opportunity to come into full union within themselves and merge back into the monad. It simply takes work, inner work and dedication and understanding about what ascension is. LUXOR Light Ascension was birthed for this reason, because everyone is being asked to ascend, not just twin flames. The mission is ascension for humanity, the return to love, the one eternal love of the Great Source of Creation.

So, if you are with or without your twin flame, or you don't have a twin flame, the journey is the same in the end. The ultimate aim is to become whole, to come into full union within and it is possible without your twin flame, so don't ever think you have failed if you met your twin flame and they ran, and you don't have any inkling as to whether they will ever come back. They may not and that is a reality especially if the relationship is damaging and toxic, or they have addictions to drugs or some other serious matter. You do not want that and you do not want to ruin a happy marriage if your twin flame is married, that is not part of the mission. The mission is to become whole within yourself and you can do it on your own and you will still merge spiritually with your twin flame. I can help you to understand that and to show you how that works.

All Split Twin Flames are Destined to be in Union

This is true, but maybe not in the sense that most writers suggest. As I pointed out above, the union must take place within, therefore all twin flames are destined to become whole within themselves and come into full union. They will merge as one, never to part again when they ascend together.

When you embark upon the ascension journey, and start to access fifth dimensional consciousness, you begin to develop your masculine and feminine in every chakra. When you attain that, you will begin to access sixth dimensional consciousness, your infinity chakras begin to develop, Alpha and Omega open and you begin to familiarise yourself with ascension. Once you have been through this rebirthing or resurrection phase and you die off to the old you, the one that did not have developed masculine and feminine chakras, you start to come into union and harmony with the inner masculine and feminine. This takes being able to access the tenth dimensional level of consciousness where you are now fully masculine and feminine and your mission to become so is complete. Mind you, you have to hold this level of consciousness, and you can go up and down until you have fully attained it. Once fully attained, you will begin to access eleventh dimension and from the eleventh dimension the double infinity gateway opens and you and your twin flame begin to ascend together, whether or not you are in relationship, whether or not you even know each other. And the journey continues onward to the 24th dimension where you fully merge into the Monad dancing as god and goddess as one forever and eternally. This is what it means for all twin flames to fully reunite and come into union.

Monadic Twin Flames

Now there is another set of twin flames. These twin flames are not split souls. These twin flames are born at the same time as twins from the Monad. They are separate souls, but one will incarnate as feminine and one will incarnate as masculine, but they are already in full union within themselves with full inner masculine and feminine union. These twin souls are androgynous which is what Split Twin Flames are trying to attain. Monadic twin flames have experienced split soul dynamic in previous life times and have fully merged the masculine and feminine and merged back into the Monad. The only reason they incarnate is to teach and be in service to humanity to help them to ascend. They are usually spiritual teachers who are already on their mission assisting others to ascend and they carry a unique energy that enables that to happen. An example of this is LUXOR Light Ascension. I am a monadic twin soul and already had my mission underway long before I met my twin soul. Monadic twin souls rarely meet and only meet if one is in need of remembering who they are to bring them back fully into the reason they incarnated, which is to assist humanity into ascension.

Monadic Twin Flames do not have to be in relationship and often it is very difficult for them to be so because they already have union and their focus must be mission. Sometimes in relationship we can lose sight of the bigger picture. For this reason Monadic twins must put their mission first and come and go in a conscious way, always keeping the mission or their purpose as their first priority.


I understand that many twin flames or would be twin flames are not ready to hear this, and this is ok, this is just part of the journey. Along the way, the pull to be with your twin flame is so strong, you cannot imagine yourself going through all your life without reuniting with your twin and you will shut out any information that suggests otherwise. But, if you are ready to hear it, you will know it is the truth and when you get to this stage, you are ready to surrender to the true journey of ascension and the true reason twin flames incarnate at the same time. You will recognise the mission is ascension and you can achieve that on your own; you do not have to wait for your twin flame to achieve it. The ultimate love for your twin flame would be to go ahead with the ascension, because you will pull your twin up with you. Don't wait, because you are holding up the soul merge and the "ascending together" mission. Let go and let God, if you are to be in relationship you will be. There is a little bit of a contradiction here and that is, if you do not go ahead with the ascension, you will have to wait for your twin flame to come and rock your world and force you into it. It's not the bed of roses you think it is. And if you want it to be smooth sailing then you should go ahead with the ascension on your own, so you don't have the healing to do when you reunite with your twin.

Surrender is kind of a choice, but cannot be achieved through will alone. Surrender is a phase in the journey where you finally realise that choosing you, choosing God and choosing ascension is the mission and the ultimate union with your twin flame will take place if you do the inner work....but remember what that really means. Do not hold on, because in holding on, you push both your twin flame and your ascension away.

12 Twin Flame Light Codes Activations

Below are 12 light codes activations that you can buy separately or as a package. All my light codes assist twin flames and all ascension candidates, but these ones are popular picks.

Attaining Union and Merging back into the Monad

Are you serious about the ascension? Do want the tools to help you ascend all the way to accessing 24th dimensional consciousness so you can merge back into the Monad with or without twin flame? If you answered yes, then this is exactly what the LUXOR Light Ascension program is inspired to do. Don't wait until your twin flame turns up, or comes back. Surrender to the journey and fulfill your mission of ascension. I'll be there to offer you support all the way. You will have the tools forever, to return to if you fall and all you have to do, is get up again!

Focus on you and surrender to the rest, this is the journey!

With Love and Gratitude for following along with my blogs, until next time,


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