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Light Codes of Ascension and the Rose

Today when I went into meditation I saw a very large rose and later through the stillness I saw a large “A” laying down on the Earth. The feeling with the visions was that the A had to rise, to be lifted.

The Rose symbolises Love and the New Moon on Saturday that is still affecting us today on Monday, brings us a beautiful frequency of Love to Earth. So, I can see the visions are so perfect for this time. The Sun, Moon and Venus all join with Neptune to bring this once in a lifetime energy of pure unconditional love to us. This is a very powerful portal offered to us to bring us into Unity consciousness and shower us with pure unconditional love. But will we pick it up and feel that love or will that opportunity be stirring something within us where we are not yet in alignment with that opportunity.

I could feel the stillness, the bliss and the "A" began to lift to standing point and I noticed his belt. It appeared to be made of hessian and the A as it stood shifted the energies and the energy began to spin like a whirling Dervish bringing forth the ecstasy we so deserve.

One foot in both worlds

Many still have one foot in both worlds and many more are still firmly planted in the old world and many are firmly planted on the New Earth. Stillness is the key. There is an energy of speed right now. It feels like everything is once again speeding up. We go through these phases when we are being fast forwarded. Many are being fast forwarded and many need to stay a little longer and keep cleaning up the mess and some will not be able to move from the mess and will stay in limbo until they have the opportunity to awaken again. Some have not even begun to awaken.


As I type this message I remember a personal experience of mine growing up. In 1971 I had a near death experience after contracting encephalitis. When I look back on that time in my life, I feel I was in limbo until 1991 when I contracted cancer of the cervix and had another close call, but after that time, my spiritual journey placed me on fast forward and the roller coaster journey of the Ascension began. I have been dedicated to the Ascension since then, nearly 30 years ago now and in fact it’s 50 years since my ascension began, but I was in limbo for 20 of those years, just going through the motions of life, not knowing what any of it was about, feeling empty and grasping to find purpose. I found purpose in my children until my time came to wake up out of limbo and begin the activation of my own personal ascension that would lead me to assisting others with theirs. That is what I see around us now. People who have made the transition to the New Earth, people who have one foot in both worlds and people who are going around and around in circles in a frantic panic that they will miss the opportunity, they are in limbo and then those who quite likely will not make it this life and it’s all ok.

The Lady of the Rose

Today the vision of the great Rose of Love that has been gifted to us to shower us with pure unconditional love, to remind us that we are Loved and that we are Love is here. A window of purity that will not come again in the same way in this life-time. Be in the stillness to receive. And this is what today’s light codes are for. If you were not in the space to receive, the Light Codes coming through in Sound today will harness that opportunity to activate that energy when you are ready. There is no need to panic that you missed the window. I see that, people believing or in fear that they will miss the window of opportunity. Be Still and Know God, that is always the answer.

The Rose is associated with Our Beloved Mother Mary and speaks of the fleetness of time, and therefore, infers the next world. In western Christian symbolism, the first use of the rose appears in scenes representing the next world or paradise. The rose is seen as the queen of flowers and therefore associated with Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth. The rose is also a symbol of Christ and with its many petals is a beautiful image of our expanding cosmos. When seen in stained glass windows of churches and places of worship, they symbolise the world of salvation offered by God to our lost human race. Can you feel into the meaning of today's visions.

Gift of Ascension and the New Earth

I saw the “A” lift up and the energy began to swirl, and the feeling of bliss arose also. The stillness as the energy swirls holds us even more in the stillness. The bliss factor helps us to move into the space of Creation, to be the Creator. Hold the Stillness, hold the Joy and the Bliss and allow the magic to unfold.

What was the meaning behind the belt on the “A”?

The belt symbolizes support or help. It shows that our rising is secure and will not slip, which if you imagine the A without the belt, it could fall. We cannot fall once we rise. Our ascension is secure, and we are held up. The fabric of the belt, the Hessian or the Sack Cloth suggests that it is in being humble that we are strengthened. It is our humbleness that holds us up in our ascension.

You don’t need to rush, there is no hurry, the power of arising is in the stillness. Be Still and Know God, there is nothing more to do, the rest will unfold. Coming into Unity means exactly that, coming into union within yourself first and foremost and any feeling of urgency or need to hurry does not belong in the New Earth.

We are always offered opportunities to shift into the New Earth or closer to the New Earth the only way to get there is to be still, to feel your wounding, your suffering your pain and bring awareness to it. To hold the stillness and allow your stillness to move you closer and closer to the New Earth, but focused, stay still, stay doing, stay meditating, stay smiling, keep your heart open, do not fall into the fear. Just come Home to you. It is not about anyone else outside of ourselves.

This is a powerful time pushing us all into union and pushing twin flames and twin souls into union, but what comes first is always to come into union within yourself, because until then, you cannot be fully in union with anyone else. This is about Unity Consciousness. “We” are One, so find the stillness, so you can truly know what that means to feel at One with the All.

Imagine the New Earth superimposed upon the old one ….. I will talk about it in the video….

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