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Prayer of the Soul

Updated: Apr 3

Prayer of the Soul

Have you lost touch with your soul? If you are feeling a loss of meaning and direction to your life, identity or real connection, you may be experiencing "soul loss". This seems to be quite common in these times we are going through right now.

Just yesterday I had someone reach out to me, to help a friend. This person is not only experiencing a loss of connection to their soul, but have also connected with an entity that is affecting their life. When you disconnect from your soul, you are in danger of being influenced by dark and negative forces.

I decided I needed to do something about it, to offer something to help those who are experiencing this. This "soul loss" or disconnection from the soul can be in different degrees and happen for many reasons. Unfortunately in my work, I am seeing a lot of this since the "jab" and for that reason I want to help in whatever way I can. I'm constantly asking the Divine to give me inspiration as to what I can do to help. This particular day when someone reached out, I was guided to do a prayer for them in the language of light of the Angels.

So, if you are feeling numb to your life and can't find meaning and feel lost, disconnection from your soul may have happened to you.

In my work I am able to "see" where someone's consciousness is and when their energies are very low, it is often that they have lost connection with their soul. This happens a lot after the "jab" and is hard to come back from, but not impossible, it simply takes work. I want to help as many as I can come back from this experience and be on track with their highest pathway. Some people have not yet even made connection with their soul. So, this little prayer is a gift, to help you to find connection with your soul again and begin or resume your climb to ascension.

How to use this Prayer

The prayer is not long, so it won't take any time out of your day to listen to it. Of course you can put it on repeat and listen many times, but listen at least once a day for 22 days. the best time to listen is prior to sleep and first thing in the morning and any time you may be feeling anxious or out of alignment. You can even listen to this prayer when you are asleep, so if you put it on repeat, it can work on you at a subconscious level.

This prayer is not just for Soul Loss, this prayer is to help you be more fully aligned with your Soul. You can use this prayer to help heal anything you are struggling with right now. Simply close your eyes and focus on the issue you want to resolve or heal then allow yourself to absorb the healing prayer deep into your heart and watch as the days go by, how more balanced and aligned you feel.

If you would like a personalised prayer just for you, please connect with me at howtoreturntolove@yahoo.com and I will align with your energies, connect with your Higher Self and your Soul Angels to bring a personal prayer through for you. The prayers are not long, but I will charge $33AUD for my time to meditate and to prepare the recording.

Please comment below to help others know how it felt or your experience.

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