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Bridging Heaven and Earth and Uniting your Creative and Divine Power

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a white heavenly bridge
Bridging Heaven and Earth

Bridging Heaven and Earth

This was my first transmission after a month of illness. If you remember illness belongs to the ego and I was unable to work while I was sick. But all is well, I am recovered and back in unison with my Higher Self. I feel as if I have had a complete reset and all energies that had been clinging to me have been cast aside and I am new and fresh again. I was excited to see what would come through in this transmission and it's interesting to note that I always have to go through something before I can bring through the Light Codes.

While I was sick, I had a close call between choosing to exist in heaven or earth. It only just occurred to me now, that I had to go through that in order to bring through these light codes. Everything has its reason, and everything plays its part to get us there. In some weird way, I was going through all that so I would be able to bring through the light codes for bridging Heaven and Earth.

Every Light Codes transmission is for the collective. It brings us the latest in the unification of the divine feminine and divine masculine energies as we ascend into the higher realms.

This Light Codes transmission was a thorough healing given as a guided meditation leading us through a thorough healing process with the Light Codes.

I only had four visions but they give a mighty message that we are bridging Heaven and Earth or our divine masculine and divine feminine energies so we can align our new creative power with the Divine.

New purposes are ready to unfold!

Ancient Egyptian God Ptah

The ancient Egyptian god Ptah was in the solar plexus. He was laying down having his face lovingly stroked by a masculine and feminine standing either side of him.

Ptah is a creator god, so all related to him is to do with creation and creating. To have Ptah in the solar plexus is a powerful symbolism of activating that creative personal power that enables us to act with confidence. The solar plexus when healed enables us to step into our personal power and our missions and create the lives we want to live.

The solar plexus is associated with the element of fire, suggesting the fiery force of action driving us forward into our purpose. I feel the divine masculine and divine feminine stroking Ptah's face is a symbol of love and admiration for the helping them come into balance and unification so the creation can begin.

The Uraeus

I also saw the Uraeus, the symbol of a rearing cobra in the crown of the Pharaoh at the brow chakra. This symbolises royalty and divine authority. In ancient Egypt it represented the goddess Wadjet, who was seen as a protector of the pharaoh and the nation.

In ancient Egyptian symbolism, the Uraeus at the brow chakra could be seen as the pharaoh’s divine right to rule, granted by the gods, and a symbol of the pharaoh’s spiritual insight and wisdom. It was a protection symbol and suggested the awakened brow chakra enabling the pharaoh to be able have the gift of vision. This also meant he had a strong connection to the Divine and divine order.

The brow chakra is a source of divine wisdom and inner vision showing the higher degree of spiritual attainment. With this degree of inner wisdom comes degrees of spiritual power.

The Violet Lotus

In the crown chakra I saw a large violet lotus sitting on the crown of the head. The violet lotus in the crown chakra represents the highest degree of spiritual authority and power. It seems to lead on from the brow.

The crown chakra lotus is called the thousand petalled lotus and is usually violet or white. it represents every aspect of our being. When fully open, and this one was, it symbolises our connection to divine consciousness. This is wisdom, enlightenment and transcendence, again acting as a bridge to higher states of consciousness.

The activation of the violet lotus in the crown chakra aligns us with the higher spiritual concepts such as surrender, trust and acceptance and knowing that all is in accordance with divine plan.

Sanat Kumara

And then I saw Sanat Kumara at the heart chakra as the divine masculine and the divine feminine were readying to unify throughout the chakras.

Sanat Kumara in relation to the divine masculine and feminine suggests he is as a bridge between heaven and earth, as he embodies both the divine masculine and divine feminine.

This can help us to activate action and direction as we fully embody our divine masculine and the divine feminine. It helps us to awaken and activate the qualities of creation, intuition and our nurturing nature.

Sanat Kumara is the perfect balance and union, and he is offering us the same. We need this for our personal ascension process because we must integrate both masculine and feminine energy and have them working in harmony with each other.

Sanat Kumara with his perfect balance and integration of both divine masculine and feminine energies guides us toward even higher degrees of consciousness facilitating the birth of higher wisdom and manifestation as we come into our full spiritual potential.

How do the Light Codes Work?

When you work with these light codes, you receive a very powerful healing. During the process of the healing all your energies are upgraded and aligned with the concept or theme related to the visions. The activation is accepted into your energy field. If you are not ready for this degree of activation, you will not come to any harm. It will settle into your energy field until you are able to fully maintain the degrees of ascension required to fully awaken to these qualities. You will be ready!

Everyone is at differing stages of ascension, but if you feel drawn to this activation, then you are either ready or nearing to be ready. I recommend you work with them for as long as you feel drawn to, there is no right or wrong, however there is no use by date, so you have them forever and they will also be a valuable tool for upgrading your energy fields. Each time you connect, your Higher Self knows exactly where to lead you.

Infinite blessings to you


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