• Christina Ritchie

We are Home

We are Home

This week follows on from last weeks "Coming Home". I awoke with a beautiful vision of a cute little cottage in the snow, with glimmering lights around it. Since yesterday, I've been pulled into the sleep, to rest and heal my body of which has not been its best in the last couple of weeks. I awoke with the vision, but felt pulled back in. I awoke again with the same vision. This happened three or four times. I knew I was being told to go Home. I went into meditation to ask for today's Light Codes message and I saw the cottage in the snow again. I stayed there for an hour or so, just being at Home allowing the wisdoms thst are for me to come....I realised my body has been reminding me for two weeks to go Home. I have done, but not fully. This message is for all of us....

Transmission 149

This week we are reminded of Home. Knowing we are Home. We only have to " be" Home. How do we do this? By going into the stillness, by allowing ourselves that time to be with ourselves and hold the stillness. In that space, give ourself permission to be vulnerable, to seek and explore, to ask ourselves the questions that help us to explore the unknown parts of ourselves, to be comfortable with who we are, warts and all.

In coming home we are finding the courage to go deeper and to be more vulnerable, but to be Home, we already have that courage. We are not afraid to feel, to express, to witness the pain or suffering that is held within. To go Home is to feel safe, to know that everything is perfect and we are protected and all our experiences, our fears, our sadness, our pains are part of our journey. They are part of the sacredness of ourselves. They teach us how to have a more sacred relationship with our body and soul so we can understand the sacredness of life and why we are here.


To be Home, we are willing to surrender to all that we resist, to let go, to allow ourselves to feel our vulnerabilit