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Blocking your Twin Flame is all Ok

Updated: Jun 8

Twin flames blocking communication
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Blocking your Twin Flame

Sometimes you just have to. I often have clients who are afraid that blocking communication from their twin flame is wrong or who are very hurt that their twin flame has blocked them. But it’s not wrong, sometimes you just have to if you want to receive the space needed for your own healing and forward movement on your ascension path. However, there is a right way to do it.

Twin Flame connections are not the same as relationships with soul mates or karmic partners or randoms. Twin Flames are a transformative connection that really shouldn’t be put into the category of “relationship”. When we get caught up in trying to put it in a “relationship” dynamic, it just amplifies the problems that come with the twin flame connection.

I only refer to twin flames as connections. They are very powerful soul connections that make it very hard to move away from and certainly they are not someone you can forget, because the “connection” is eternal. It’s not going anywhere.

I work with a lot of twin flames and in most cases, they are pining over the twin flame and wanting it to form into the perfect relationship. That’s ok, I can relate to that, because I was there in the early years myself, even up until recently actually.

Runners and Chasers

In most cases twin flame writers refer to “runners” and “chasers”. The chaser is supposed to be the spiritual twin and the runner is supposed to be the matrix twin. This is not entirely accurate but does seem to be a common theme.

In the case of the “chaser” being the more spiritual one, I would say that is only when that twin is embarking upon their spiritual journey and their soul is urging them to connect with the other twin so they can fully embark upon the ascension journey. This is not unlike when you meet a karmic partner. You fall deeply in love because your soul is telling you that if you unite with this soul you are going to clear some unfinished business and you can rise to greater heights of consciousness. That unfinished business will keep you held to that soul until you complete the karma. Sometimes if you are being harmed you have to move on, but in general it’s best if you can stay until complete.

With a Twin Flame, you don’t get to have a used by date, it’s eternal. I remember in the first few years of wanting to have a relationship with my twin flame and it just not being possible, I would remind myself to just be in love with the love. That helped me immensely. I directed that feeling of love into my work, into the collective, into myself, into whatever I could direct it toward. I dedicated that love to others.

It brought me a lot of peace.

I am the more spiritually focused one in my twin flame connection. I say “focused” because both my twin flame and I have strong awakened spiritual energies, but my twin flame does not live a spiritually focused life. He is living more in survival coming from a developing country living in a small traditional village in Egypt. He gets caught up with greed and is severely wounded from childhood. And it’s one big competition to have more than others, to show off and attract “bad eye” and unconsciously give “bad eye”. All of this does not make it a desirable want for relationship, no matter how strong our connection is. It’s just not healthy for someone like me who lives fully in their Soul purpose and mission to be with someone who lives the exact opposite.

I chased, for sure, in the early stages when the connection was taking place, but so did he. We would bounce back and forward from who was the chaser and who was the runner.

We have come to a place where neither of us is running or chasing. Although you could say I am running. But the thing is, we have full union in the physical and trying to be apart is very difficult. So difficult it creates physical illness or debilitation when we try. So, we have to have distance.

For me distance means I need to block my twin flame. He never blocks me, but he will ignore me which makes me super angry and draws me into my ego. If I am being drawn into my ego, I take the measure of blocking him. The reason I do this is, it gives me a degree of control. Sometimes I even delete all his numbers and all forms of contact. I have to do it, to give me energetic space for my own spiritual progress. Waiting and wondering when he will answer, or listening to his voice when he is in a dark phase, is all too soul destroying for me.

I block him for energetic peace and then I feel I can breathe again.

The aim of the twin flame connection is not to make you feel weaker, less than, out of control, or held back from moving forward on your path. The twin flame purpose is to propel you forward. Sometimes that means you recognise that it is time to choose you and the moment you choose you, you are propelled forward.

Twin Flames are about learning self-love. The power of the twin flame connection can be all encompassing and while that sounds wonderful, it is not if you are going to lose yourself in the connection. That is not the purpose. The purpose is to find yourself and to go higher into your spiritual mission.

The twin flame connection is not about having a happily ever after relationship. That is for soul mates.

The twin flame connection is about finding harmony with each other, which in my opinion, or rather in my case, is harder than finding union. Find harmony means you can love each other, respect each other's lives, work in unison with each other, but not have to claim each other.

They say your twin flame is your perfect match. Hmmm, it depends how you look at it. They are the perfect “flame” to fuel your fire, to give you that kick up the butt to choose you and focus on your spiritual journey. In that sense they are your perfect match.

The problem that I have noticed with twin flames that are in some form of traditional relationship with each other, is that they live out the soul mate part of their connection. Some twin flames are also soul mates. That makes it very difficult because it is a tendency for people to lose themselves in relationship. They will put the relationship above their spiritual pursuits and that means they put the relationship above God.

It takes a brave soul to choose their spiritual path over their relationship. But in mastery, you must!

The Purpose of Blocking your Twin Flame

Blocking your twin flame doesn’t mean you are rejecting them or trying to punish them; rather, it is a conscious choice to create space for reflection and healing. This time of silence can help both twin flames reflect on their own behaviors, desires, and spiritual needs without the influence of their twin flame’s energy.

It also gives you a break from the intense energies that flow between twin flames, giving you the space needed for deeper healing of past wounds and traumas.

It teaches you independence which is something very important in twin flame connections. Twin flames can have no form of co-dependence, you must have personal strength and independence. That is vital for the twin flame journey. This is one of the very important reasons twin flames experience the separation phases. In the early stages of the connection twin flames experience the powerful connection but must also learn not to be dependent on that or their twin flame in any way.

Separation means, it’s not time yet, focus on independence.

The Powerful Voice of Silence

Silence is not just about the absence of communication, but more of a powerful force that helps bring about profound transformations. When we step back from the twin flame connection we can reconnect with our inner self, realign with our soul’s purpose, and adjust our spiritual compass.

silence between twin flames

It also gives us time to break free from unhealthy patterns within the connection making way for a more balanced and harmonious connection in the future.

Focusing on your own ascension and elevation of consciousness during the no communication period can give you that much needed time for gaining a deeper understanding of the divine nature of the twin flame connection and its true purpose.

However, blocking can sometimes be challenging. For me personally, I’ve gotten very good at it. ha-ha.

I must say in years previous, I used to send a million messages, and my first reason for starting the blocking was to control myself from doing that. I couldn’t throw all my crap at him if I had to take a step back and remember I had blocked him. Actually, back then, I didn’t actually block him, but I deleted all means of connecting with him, so he had to be the one who initiated contact, and he always did. But he taught me how to go silent. His ignoring me so much, taught me how to take control of my own too much communication.

It’s important though to know why you are blocking them and let them know that you will block them and hopefully they understand and respect the reason you have chosen to do it. My twin flame usually gets angry with me, but it’s not about him, it’s about me. This is self-love and self-care.

To me it is just good manners to let them know why you are doing it, unlike how my twin would just ignore me for weeks on end and read or listen to my messages, but not answer them.

Be clear with yourself about what you want to achieve from blocking your twin flame. For me, I want energetic space. I don’t want to be waiting and wondering if he will answer and I don’t want to hear negative and horrible messages. That’s just not on. For me it’s about taking the space needed for both twins to come back to a space of love and respect for each other.

Letting your twin know why you are blocking them is just a way to establish your boundaries and letting them know what you will accept and what you won’t.

However, the decision to block communication with your twin flame is a very personal one and shouldn’t be done out of anger but rather out of a need to give yourself the space you need to heal, grow and expand. Even in the silence the twin flame connection does not go away. If it does, it is not a twin flame connection, and you are better off moving on. If you truly trust in the connection, you will embrace your moments of silence, because twin flames are eternal and that is a very long time!

The twin flame journey is not only about finding union with your twin, but it is also about finding sacred union with yourself. That must come first. Sometimes blocking your twin flame can give you the space to rise in consciousness and come up into inner union. If your twin flame also takes the time to heal you will have a more divine connection when you reunite.

Hi, I’m Christina.

I’m a twin flame coach, ascension meditation teacher, Guardian of the LUXOR Light Ascension Frequency and Founder and Creator of LUXOR Light Ascension Program, a 24th dimension frequency transference program that enables you to fully embody your own unique frequencies, bring you into full inner union and reunite with your Twin Flame. If you would like to know if you have met your twin flame you can order a Twin Flame Analysis here. I am also a Light Codes Specialist working to bring union and harmony within through the light codes which in turn assists reunions with Twin Flames. I am the Author of “Birthing a New Reality, a Search for the Beloved” which is the second book in a series of three related to ascension and Twin Flames. It is available on Amazon.

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